Bible Altered to Serve The State 325 AD


Which human beings can not be wrong?

This is a most relevant question for each human being to answer.

Bracketed comment is a caveat regarding questioning and faith.

{To question to acertain reality, is always a fundamental teleological position; to be able to investigate the universe for information to discern truth from falsity.

We find pattern, connection and their revelation in consciousness which arrives initiating a deeper question; what is Life’s meaning and purpose? What is my value? Not questioning, or not being allowed to question, is tantamount to not allowing oneself to know the truth, including true patterns and true interrelationships.But of primary concern here; to question means to know what one has faith in.

Any subjective thing may consider itself true and valid, while to become objective, to be trusted and validated for any to see; why that is another matter altogether, as well as another place. It may well reveal the true reality of Life; beyond human narrative, but including it.

Yet the timid soul will dwell in stagnant spinning, in a place of festering ignorance; were fiction can be called fact, and fact be called fiction, with no way of honestly determining one thing from another.  This brings one to the many methods human use for mind control; where little known, a soul surrenders to what it knows not.

This be the fate of followers and of their leaders alike.  They become mutually co-dependent and co-deceived.  They cannot tell nor know when fantasy has deceived them,  for they are dependent upon its confirmation.  Seeking to see only what serves their idea and discredits those of others.

In this marriage of ignorance and denial, where the world will be persecuted for its difference, for its lack of conformity to conserved ideas professed to be absolute unquestionable truths.  Ignorance now gains its henchmen, its sycophants and proselytizers who praise the way of faith and belief above that of Truth, yet claim them wed to It.

Such as these will create their institutions, edifices attributed with the apperance of fact itself, but lacking honest inquiry to real cause and effect.  It is the boastful and prideful way of an anesthetized mind, where the peaceful bliss of inaction, of locked in perception, is preferable to the ambiguity, nuance and rigors of the challenge all humans are given in each moment.

Here will draw the jingoistic for nations, and professed holy men and women for God.  It is behind these flags and garbs where ignorance and broken bias can pretend to wear the garments of Truth and of Love.  It is the best and least expected hiding place of darkness, and in these names, darkness can wreak its blinded havoc while claiming holy ground and sacred right.

In this broken perception, darkness will call itself Light. }

Gospel Juggling Through The Ages

When people cite the Bible as the source of one idea or another, or as the accurate and definitive definition of the life of Jesus Christ, they are knowingly or not, asking us to blindly accept a highly edited document. Claims of absolute authority, and cross referenced “proof” of the nature and intent of Christ life produced from within this document, are not justified by the historical tampering known to have happened to the Bible.  Human beings are deciding what is claimed as unaltered sacred information.

What many Abrahamic faiths either do not know, or do not care to know for reason of cognitive dissonance, avoidance of contradictory counter-indication, prior programing bias–confirmation bias, programmed in fear of questioning, or peer pressure to hierarchical mind control techniques; is that orthodoxy is above all, a means of not using ones God given critical thing abilities to determine for oneself what is true as life is lived.

The evidence gathered and ascertained by ones own cognition is told it has but one honest interpretation–The Bible.  Depends on the group which true Bible it is, for some keep adding things of their own persuasion.

Knowingly amputated hearsay information of the life of Jesus Christ does not suffice as proof of Divine Intent. Spiritual knowing comes from ones own awareness, and not indoctrination and the vast array of peer conformity pressures that squeezes perception into myopic views.

This institutionalized ignorance over spiritual tenets or otherwise believed in definitions of ultimate good, avoids the ambiguities endemic to life; that we are always tested towards truth and illusion, real and not real, asked to honestly determine where we stand on reality and why.

Things that bias perception can definitely interfere with ones pure connection to God or Life.  Essentially for most spiritual knowing; God and God’s messengers are alive in awareness as the individual senses it. Faith and belief are in fundamental ways definitions of ones own ignorance, likely prodded on as a “good” by experts and others who make these untestable positions a kind of prerequisite for knowing a spiritual existence.  In this identity “trap”, conformity to authority is the stable state of recognition.

The connections to initial Cause, the Source of the universe of existence, when real, are not blinded in belief or relegated to a highly imperfect documentation recorded in language and times far distant in the past, nor their new breeds of conceptual contortionists. We are each real to Life, and in real life, are continuously asked what is real and what is not.

You are as real as I and as connected to Life’s beginning and end as I. We can be in error as to what we think of it though, and how we were programmned by family, community and culture.  From where will correction come?

Every moment we are all asked; Do you know Life? How inclusive is it?, Do you know lies and erroneous conclusion? Have you ever admitted this?, Do you know the power of Love? Have you seen love conquer fear? Do you know how these can all seem true; life, love and error appearing to be as one? Then what is my life and its inherent mission?


In this we all have a divine mission, for in a rational and ordered universe, it is we who fall short in knowing reality, and we who must answer for ourselves and correct perception for ourselves to return life to rational understandings and awareness of the miraculous order to Being. We are miracles living within a Miracle.

A rational existence means all things are in some manner understandable, even if understanding must be relegated to an awe of mystery beyond human comprehension.  Our human problems can be more than wished or hoped away, they can be solved by joining our perceptions.  We can also be forgiving and kind towards the targets of our anger and doubt if strong enough spiritually to know their power and authority.

It seems a very basic question is often not answered, perhaps not even known or owned up to; A rational universe will offer reason; information, understanding and the resolution of error. An irrational universe will be insane, following no coherent platform of objective rules nor reason.

The interpretive matrices will instead be constructed of ideas out of context, opinion called “truth”, and any manner of untestable hypothesis kept beyond the reach of peer reviewable reason.  These often hide behind arrogant confidence and attitude, “making up” for their inferior logic and reason.  This ontological and existential challenge, often buried between arguments of dubious opinion proliferated over epistemological cultural slanting.

To Deny Question By Indicting Reason Itself

Enter spiritual tampering and historical hiding, with its stealthy expected ignorance protected by an inherently lazy(unquestioning) faith held hostage by fear of question.  Now the turf containers of conservative orthodoxies are constructed, where conformity is essentially the name of the game–control Appearance Reality.

Mind control techniques are highly valued assets protected by fear and the individuals dependency upon those who claim to know.  A highly manipulative paradigm of perception naturally ensues, where priest and preacher tailor “revelation” to what they see fit for reasons they determine to make your own.  May all be for good intention, or…

“Truth” (as many a conservative platform claim to represent) is made up in ideology, to be based upon something other than objective scrutiny. Instead, a manufactured “truth” becomes a rationalized consensus reality molded into a self validating appearance reality. The universe of knowledge is now contained in an ideological prism, or prison, a closed loop of perception, and not the pure flow of being real to the consciousness of identity in reality.

Herein lies the fate of the faithful follower; that they are imersed unknowingly into the ways of ignorance and manipulation. The faithful are taught to remain there by fear of damnation manifest by the very attributes Life has installed for human beings to perceive truthfully. Falsity can proceed unchecked by unwavering contamination of information with inability to correct imposed doctrine and its attendant fear control mechanisms.

=But Smiles, Great Causes And Trusted Fellows!  I Want To Be Like Them!

That real Life truths are imersed in the manipulative paradigm is a given; we cannot live when denying all the truthful attributes of reality, be they in consciousness or the other environments.  Truth (God, Love) is always ruling whether I like it or not or believe it or not.  This is what I see.

Most conservative orthodoxies claim many of the positive attributes of Life to be of their ownership. That said; it is the always latent, and sometimes prominent, domains of fear that rule.  Love and connection are made subservient to pain oriented identity control mechanisms. This is a backwards way to contort, control and construct identity, while creating a great harbor for blame of others and difference.  Threats of shame and ostracism loom as external–internal threats to existence. Our minds are left under the weight of what we believe will happen to us; now, later or in afterlife.

And in the classic sense of apparent law seeming to empower law breaking; opportunism can become the weight we really juggle over our identities. We believe something is sanctioned, we believe it is right or wrong, we see what we can get away with, then suffer the internal walls built in our experience over right and wrong and how they are integrated.

Pretending becomes most powerful; deny or redefine wrongs into right, or opportunism into successful opportunities.  Now we posses energies of contradiction; of rationalization instead of reason, and any number of systems of interpretation exist to make the dissonance subside—for now.

Belief does not independently rule reality, no matter what I make up, what is real does.  Cherry picking things that place me into a better light, thanks to ideological posturing; this does not stop falseness from influencing my perception. However, not questioning my own take on information or my interpretation of my place in existence can well mandate erroneous viewpoint and opinion.

We Determine What Our Honest Being Is

Accepting a human interfered with flawed platform (the highly edited Bible) as unquestionable word of God, never having been edited by human intention, is itself a highly suspicious position to base ones identity on, unless the ability to ascertain real truth has been crippled somehow.

This is perhaps why so many kinds of conservatives or orthodoxy adherents have a kind of permanent confirmation bias inserted to control perception.  Often, they need but one seeming contradiction to invalidate questions of their own identity, while opposing or contravening viewpoints require disproof of all the conserved conceptions to prove valid.  A proposition that their identity is programed to never accept.

As it is; questioning and verification or ideas of truth for oneself is of paramount importance to increase the truthful nature of appearance and consensus realities operating in individual awareness, community and society.  We each do this work to hold perception accountable to objective overview, or it does not get done.  This may be assumed to be a Divine mission; real knowing and understanding, and not identity positions whose pieces fit to ideological purity.


Bible Altered to Serve The State 325 AD-

325AD Constantine alters Christianity to his hierarchical likings, banning self empowering teachings of Christ such as the Gospel of Thomas, a so called Gnostic Gospel–one who knows.

Gospel of Tomas may be older than Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

All the Gospels are likely forgeries.  In those days, it was common for people to write in the name of someone who seemed an absolute authority.  What they felt was true was then tagged onto the impressive persona.  In a very relevant sense then, the Gnostic Gospels are on par with the so called Bible of Mathew mark Luke and John.  Those 4 were determined by Emperor Constantine to be suitable as the official religion of the State.

Since the Gnostic Gospels are in ways contradictory to the State version now known as “The Bible”, many Christian scholars excercise obvious confirmation bias toward what they have known as orthodoxy.  The classic invocation of Satanism, heresy or blasphemy usually serves to divert attention and create a fearful indictment towards objective investigation.

This name calling is the shaming invocation of a Thought-terminating cliché, when formed into a “buzz worded” bad thing to be.  Cults and most conservative groups are filled with these shaming survival threatening devises intended to stop thought and question.  Tricks of the mind control trade.

Interestingly, elements of the Gnostic self active view remain in the Bible, such as self empowering spiritual notions as; ‘and greater works shall you do’, or ‘The least among you is the greatest’. ‘Love your enemies’. ‘Turn the other cheek.’etc. These kinds of thoughts invoke the individual as an integral part of The Whole, even to the extent that ones own salvation is in being an agent of Love amidst context of lessening pain and despair in others.  The individual becomes Gods agent, while focusing attention upon those least able to care for themselves anywhere in society.

There was a power struggle going on in early Christianity; The orthodox Christian view of Church authority now sanctioning the State, and the spiritual people powered elements.

The Council of Nacea pruned Christianity to reject the notions that Church, and hence State, authority were not needed to know God and Jesus.  This put the Gnostic movement as a more underground faith being purged by the Church and The State.  The more mystic take on the teachings of Jesus were literally buried, and now will be condemned as false by conservatism’s knee-jerk paradigms.

Most all biblical stories and narratives have preexisting counterparts from earlier cultures, many seeming to co-opt pagan and pantheist platforms, just as many churches were built over prior sacred sites.

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Your Gospel Will Be By You