A Dark Side Of The Moon Christmas Reflection

The Edge Of Reason

A fingernail moon

Drifts across December’s sky

Gone is the overwhelming sun

Its dream a reflection

Here shines an edge of moons day


Here below

Christmas shoppers think;

Who needs what?

What will mean the right thing?

Will light shine from this gift?

How much can I afford?

When will enough be enough?


Out seeking abundance for someone else

It may seem easier to spend

Than on ourselves

The thoughts are prescient

Stores filled with seekers

The internet slow as snowfall

A moon never turning


Ideas of lack and meaning

Mix with anticipation and giving

This moon will set as always

Its travels over and around your earth

Covering all who look above



There you are in infinite sky

Or are you in us

Still infinite?

Not eclipsed by buying

Undaunted by wishing

Clear and conscious if seen

Circling in rendezvous reception;

Upon introspection and extrapolation

From inside out

From all about and around our lives


Air passing through these hands

Between eyes and moon

Touched only by Presence

That missing side of heaven

Silently shining with you

Amidst the dark side

Of wanting

And wonderment does grow

Waxing in its void filled manger;

Who darkened Christmas?

A child beckoning to civilization, now object

Who made birth into a material show and tell

Not one of Spirit free and unadorned?


Here an eternal child emerges

Each day facing us certain as this moon

We see or do not see much of this consistency

Know when to look toward eternity

Born for the reasons of Love

Naked in a manger

Honest with Light

In the dark of cold night.

{Photo Of Dec 18 2009 Moon}