TED Brings Imaginative Innovations ; Then What Comes Next?

TED Brings Innovations ; Then What Comes Next?

While watching this video, I wondered how soon this technology would spread. Two years? 5 ? Some of the things are relatively inexpensive.

Then the thoughts jumped to robotics. A remote viewer could now intelligently direct a robot as if she or he were there. The robotic agent could just look at something, triggering databases to diagnose the environment.  Maybe save somewhere form a nuclear meltdown, or one mans terrorist or freedom fighter can send an almost indestructible agent out to do harm.  Star Wars may quickly metastasize to terra terror.

Have a nice and techy future.

Oh yur just a naysayer.

loooks fun to me!

Look my whole house is a computr screen.  Break that window and see what happens.

No.  Go ahead.

…and as the glass shattered the sky began to fall===