Tennessee Rock Slide Video Nov 2009

Tennessee Rock Slide Video Nov 2009

(Video below at Live Leak has no leading-in commercials.)

It is believed that the rains from ex hurricane/tropical storm Ida helped to trigger this rock slide that closed this road in Tennessee.  Otherwise, the road cut likely created a problematic issue with the angle of the material in the rock face.

The word is that an earlier small rock slide brought the attention to this spot.  In case you wondered.

To see the video click on the Live Leak link below photo. Photo also from Live Leak.

-CNN seems to be the source of these images

Click on link below.  Video will roll seconds after.


Arizona Geology: Tennessee rock slide caught on tape

CNN just posted this WDEF video online showing a spectacular rock slide in Polk County, Tennessee. I’m sure it will be picked up the excellent landslide