Paranormal Activity: An Abnormal State Of Denial

Paranormal Activity

{Warning: A few aspects of plot and characters considered. Warning}

I saw the movie Paranormal Activity last night.  Now let me state right off the bat; it was well done for what it was.

If you like Ghost Hunters or any of the many other alleged paranormal shows that have come to haunt satellite and cable TV, you should not be disappointed.  I have not seen The Blair Witch Project, so I do not know in what way they may be similar. Paranormal Activity has one bang-up ending.

In the netherworld of human relationship partnerships, we may all be aware of the levels of oddity we tolerate in one another.  You must accept this to stay in the movie, a kind of face value mindset.

The movie has a striking similarity to the old movie “The Haunting”, especially the approach to paranormal sound effects.  From that we have to accept YouTube like filming randomness, along with reality show modern clueless characters.

My huge problem with the movie is its leading man, who in allegoric effect, is running, no, sitting on the railroad tracks with a speeding train heading right towards him.  Exactly how would you, for instance, be so arrogant regarding your lack of knowledge, that with a likely demonic threat to your mate, your love, you would declare you need no expert help cause your mate is yours and it is up to you alone to save them?

Things are positioned properly in these modern lives, like the Internet, with all its vast resources at hand, yet all the guy does is look and find a similar demonic case.  Not who can help them, not the resources that need be marshaled.  The movies main strength is its actors naive innocence (hence realistic?), documentary like presentation of themselves as common, every day folks.  Folks with next to no sense, as the guy repeatedly taunts the supernatural to confrontation, into a “Bring it on!” pissing contest.  An odd choice for your partner, who is warning you of your own ignorance and ineffectiveness with an entity that is invisible overall and able to manipulate matter dramatically when asleep.  Good idea?  After being marked by the demon for seeming elimination, our hero’s able-bodied response is to———————–sleep like a log.

Ah.  The supreme youthful confidence of the young and with it male.  At least this is what one must accept.

The movies key to success is our abnormal state of suspended critical thinking. I began to feel helpless in my seat, like the cartoon with the train baring down on our hero running down the middle of the tracks ahead of it.  We, the audience, are tied up in his foolsihness, thinking; Call someone else.

Hello? Hello? Sleeping guy.  Monster coming to eat you. Yoo hoo. Stuff moving and noise happening.  Take of your ear muffs. The lights are on, and off, and on, camera running but nobodies home.  But we’re awake.

An inexplicable set up is the lone psychic.  There’s more than this one psychic expert guy in the world that this couple talk to. He’s afraid to come in their house to help.  Gotta go…  Though he did warn them of their dire predicament.  ‘It will be OK’?  Call the TV shows to come and help.  Call the church.  Anything.  Do something other than wait on this one guy who is shrugging you away.


Um?  No.

Just keep the camera rolling.

Its an abnormal state of denial, and the plan is to walk, no, run toward the train.

Metaphors get out of my way!

Paranormal Activity” – Official Trailer [HQ HD]
1 min 46 sec – Sep 15, 2009

But go and see it if you like this kind of scary stuff.

And sweet dreams.

Did the curtain just move?

How am I supposed to see a shadow in the dark?