Tales Of Fallen Light


The hapennstance of sunset

light finding places to hide

becoming early night

telling tales of missing mass

broken shadows of life

a blended wall

covered plant

a bamboo dream

TED Brings Imaginative Innovations ; Then What Comes Next?

TED Brings Innovations ; Then What Comes Next?

While watching this video, I wondered how soon this technology would spread. Two years? 5 ? Some of the things are relatively inexpensive.

Then the thoughts jumped to robotics. A remote viewer could now intelligently direct a robot as if she or he were there. The robotic agent could just look at something, triggering databases to diagnose the environment.  Maybe save somewhere form a nuclear meltdown, or one mans terrorist or freedom fighter can send an almost indestructible agent out to do harm.  Star Wars may quickly metastasize to terra terror.

Have a nice and techy future.

Oh yur just a naysayer.

loooks fun to me!

Look my whole house is a computr screen.  Break that window and see what happens.

No.  Go ahead.

…and as the glass shattered the sky began to fall===

A Coral Caterpillar? Or Landed Sea Slug?

A Coral Caterpillar?  Or Landed Sea Slug?

The large caterpillars around here are usually tomato horn worm.  This I’m not sure.  A lunar moth?  I’ll have to look it up, but for now here it is.

Saved from the 2 dogs below who were trailing it.




Trying Out The Share/Save Button On My Post: That Was Fast!



That was Coooool


Alright WordPressers, or any other pressers for that matter.  It is really easy to get this button to network your post.  You just pick which platform you are using, like WordPress, Blogger, etc…

I know.  Some of you knew this long ago, but for not techy people like me, this is easy.

This worked fast and easy on Firefox;  Here is the link. The WordPress one, others accessible by clicking on the Addtoany label that appears after clicking on the link below.


I just followed directions; grabbed the banner and put it in my Firefox toolbar.  It just slides off the page and up to the bar.  Then I made this test post.  Clicked on the banner in my toolbar and this Share/Save banner appears in the post, like magic.

These Internet tubes must not be flooded yet.

Good luck on whatever this will do—

Reach out and touch someone


Tennessee Rock Slide Video Nov 2009

Tennessee Rock Slide Video Nov 2009

(Video below at Live Leak has no leading-in commercials.)

It is believed that the rains from ex hurricane/tropical storm Ida helped to trigger this rock slide that closed this road in Tennessee.  Otherwise, the road cut likely created a problematic issue with the angle of the material in the rock face.

The word is that an earlier small rock slide brought the attention to this spot.  In case you wondered.

To see the video click on the Live Leak link below photo. Photo also from Live Leak.

-CNN seems to be the source of these images

Click on link below.  Video will roll seconds after.


Arizona Geology: Tennessee rock slide caught on tape

CNN just posted this WDEF video online showing a spectacular rock slide in Polk County, Tennessee. I’m sure it will be picked up the excellent landslide