The Many Ways Conservatism Surrenders Reason; The Price of Ignorance

Just Another Fictional Exposé

Let Me Pretend to Just Count The Many Ways Conservatism Surrenders Reason by Cashing in The Price of Ignorance


Democracy is a problem for us, plain and simple.

How are we to control the nation’s dialogue?

How do we get the nations attention to focus on and cover our own perspective, yet have those listening believe it is their own?

You saw what history presented for our conservative interest, and how we pivoted to fear, always fear to achieve results.  First we drew attention to the external enemies “that attacked us”.  We achieved more societal and government control through the public’s fear, allowing us to further regiment society.  Once it seemed that the Democrats might prevail, even past our voter suppression strategies, we then pivoted to the enemy within.

Again.  Our control of the population is via fear.  This is a primitive mechanism regarding the unknown. First we pivoted to the unknown outer enemy seemingly everywhere, and now to the internal enemy seemingly everywhere.  This gives us emotional control and direction over our message and entry points into its targets.  I must state here the power of this fear; fear does not need a factual basis.  We can literally invent fear; create images of that which promotes strong insecurity in our followers.

I can say the sky will fall if this happens, yet this cannot be disproven, since it is a projection of insecurity into an unknown future moment of unknowable dynamics.  People cannot assume I am wrong, for my projection cannot be proved wrong.  If I already have their ear, I already have them in my hands, and can put them in my pocket.  This is sales after all, and it moves us away from the dramatic limitations of reality, giving us fantasy to use at will.  Observe the conservative and right wing blogosphere to see what I am alluding to. Yet still we face the issue; how to spread the ideas we wish to indoctrinate the public with.  We must instill insecurity into the public mind to mold them to our will, but how?

The answer is and remains; seduction to our side of the equation.  Fear and status are the prime tag-team contenders for this opportunity for psychological entrapment of the individuals will.  What is not known, becomes the balancing points of belief and opinion.  We are given an open mat to throw our reality trapped opponents in, for unquantifiable insecurity drives many an individuals actual subliminal motivations.  These ever-present fears are often stewing on the surface consciousness back burner; Fear of poverty, fear of God, fear of acceptance, fear of rejection; these all become tools in our box of persuasion.  We leverage unknowns as if they were capital.  And capital they are.

Our Contextual Problem

Those in control of any democratic nation face this dilemma; How can the wealthy and powerful keep what they have plus insure their future for their own, while the nation exist in a pluralistic paradigm were each vote is equal?  After all, there are always more of them than us.  We are at a distinct disadvantage, and yet we prevail.  How?

Seduction to our interest. Plain and simple. We convince the public that their good is inextricably bound to our own.  We become perceived as them. We then can go on to define us versus whomsoever we wish to diminish.  All is indeed not fair in love, in war, or in perception.

There are many ways to do this pivot on perception; propaganda and hired help are the exponents of our viewpoint, but that is too loose and random to be allowed as our only means of conviction.  We must gain access to the public’s faith and trust. We enter this doorway into the public identity by leveraging already trusted institutions. This then, pertains to cosmological assumption and spiritual presumption; Our interest must become tagged to what is, in effect, unquestionable opinion, but believed, and acted upon as if fact.  To not so act in defense of these institutions will be perceived as being in some way wrong.  We are defining truth here, for what are actually followers.  Then that truth is inserted into protected question free zones, be they by religious or philosophical mandate.

Defeating the odds by controlling the game

We are defeating a kind of mathematical odds presented by those who created Democracy and individual freedom.  Those odds are; that in a Democracy, a common interest could emerge where the common ground of  life, or the universe itself, would seem as the right of all.  We must defeat this perception.  We do that with—-Seduction. Most all are driven by opportunism to receive what seems to help them.

Only concepts that submit to hierarchical model are deferred to.  Role status, wealth status, power over, and other kinds of primitive authoritarian perceptions of desire, condition what the person expects of themselves and of others.  With identity contained, behavior tends to be as well.  Now the individuals identity and interest are married to our needs, and ours to theirs.  We can make up most anything and they will believe it, particularly the most vulnerable and impressionable of our followers.

I refer you to Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly to prove my point, but Rush or anyone else will do.  They all rely on preexisting bias along with no objective reality testing of truthful context.  The alleged subjectively designed context is true to their attitude. This is a move to bypass critical thinking requirements, while promoting acceptance of emotional direction as truth itself.  Conservative propagandist do not require fact or real context checking; they reinforce already existing confirmation biases instilled into their receivers emotional narrative.

Instead of reality, it is bias that is the object of confirmation.  Most any story will do, no matter how fictional. What we are defining is the nature of our adversaries and how they are not good like we are.  Our interest are shared with our followers, while our opposition is perceived as being foolishly biased, or espousing a nefarious agenda upon the gullible.  These psychological tricks will work on all who do not comprehend what truth or critical thinking requirements actually are.  Ignorance is wonderful!

Creating ignorance, becomes a requirement for the emotional control of our followers.  While liberals attempt to change society by solving problems one by one, progressively, we say liberals are the problem.  Society need not change, problems need not be “solved”, but liberalism need be abandoned for all that is conserved to keep its hold over the population.  Though we usually leave the “hold over the population” part out of our sales pitch!  This gives us, not only ignorance to work with, but all problems as offspring of liberalism.  I say checkmate.

We decide what those interest of society are as they pertain to us, and what they are not, as those behaviors or other opinions may help those beyond our home field advantage.  And did I mention having the refs paid off!  Through time and effort, we change the meaning of the national narrative to our conceptual grounds. We change the human formula to insure our need.

The Power of What is NOT Known

What is not known in the population, is that we are pivoting from what might be called objective reasoning, being rational, to rationalization, where context and content are controlled to offer directed reason.  Our subjects do not recognize the ideological and perceptual containment vessels we have them in both coming and going.  Most of our public does not distinguish between truthful fact based reasoning, and cherry picked conceptual framing; where the argument is tailored to have us give the answer which we wish.  Wish upon a star?  I say; wish upon what is not known!

We leverage ignorance and faith in this endeavor.  We blend these, for they are beyond rational analysis, yet our folks particularly take pride in possessing them.  This is their sublime beauty.  We leverage preexisting institution and mindsets to favor us above the many. Here is the basic equation of have and have not, and most importantly, the rules to both. Faith provides us with the same capital as ignorance; the ability to seduce while the seduction is unseen. This is best carried out right out in the open.  Shame and blame are key figures in herding the masses into our order while they think the are fighting for truth, justice and maybe even the American Way.

Notice how many of our conservative leaders are caught doing the very things they are accusing others of, yet most stay in place.  This is faith above reason, belief trumping reality. This is the key.  We can then always point to the other side when issues arise that may create cognitive dissonance in our faithful. “Look whose talking!” A classic.

We have a Nest to Nurture Our World Views

Conservatism is a perfect hiding ground for your own faults and failings; you can persecute their correction out in society, picking targets here and there, while you excuse your own human frailties in humble public or secret penance.  You outwardly carry on “the fight for good”, while excusing your own surrender to its opposite, yet the public is kept untagged to these psychological machinations driving cognitive dissonance abatement.  You, we, are the good guys, liberals the bad.  Period.  End of discussion.  This perception is a fact in many a molded mind.

Constructing the boogeyman icon known as the Liberal Media, has been a great ploy to taint information coming in that we do not approve of. We can turn institutions into our own Trojan Horses. This is the power of prejudice; we allege the media has an intrinsic bias against what we have defined as the individuals and the nations good.  And it is true; liberalism’s objective bias is a bias against subjective conservative paradigms of all kinds.

We have invested mightily in having the best and brightest minds to fill our conservative think tanks.   We have designer Wedge Issues to cleave the public into two and then four.  We have seeded the talking head establishments with many more conservative trained media informers who have sworn to support “The Cause”.  Yet the tag of disturbing information is;–That Liberal Mainstream Media.  Our folks do not even acknowledge our basic corporate control over it.  We have them coming and going my friends.

When Dumbed Down is Power Up

You all know how the ruse comes down.  It’s like taking candy from a baby.  And this is exactly the infantile state we need the public immersed in; a big old baby crib that we rock.  This rocking effects the baby’s mood; we train them to look forward to our promise of food, food for thought, we bring them comfort and promise. And so we effectively control the baby’s chemistry; their needs and wants become as nutrients delivered by our umbilical cord.  Conservatism retains this baby blanket surrender to comfortable cognitive control; all is well as long as my institutions are well, hence conserved and unchanging.  Now you can let the grown ups do the thinking for you, while telling you all experts agree, or some other comforting pabulum.  We know we are on the right side after all!  What else is there to comprehend?

We define what their life is to be, we lay the future scenarios out into spirituality or materialism, both work on our followers.  We manufacture the parameters of their dreams.  Their whole world view becomes hinged on our interest, as if they were their own.  Three great seducer conductors are our ammunition; Money, Power, and perceived favor of God.  Control these electrochemical optimism conductors, and you control the individuals sense of identity.  This triune power base placed inside the individuals mind frame, allows us to direct their intentions both overtly and covertly when required.  This is how we contain and restrain the common interest of Democracy and individual freedom; making them contingent upon our requirements.

Well.  That’s what you say!

There are tried and true means of disabling valid argument, and having it defer to already polarised perceptions.

Existential relativism is a great intellectual tool, we can relativize perception of contravening results to seem confusing and hypocritical.  The followers minds become anesthetized.  Someone says; ‘You are not facing your contradictions.’ We tell our faithful it is our adversaries (of course!) who are not facing theirs.

If anyone attempts to divert attention by suggesting the errors are ours, we now can say, and be believed, that it is actually they who are hiding from their own wrongdoing  We can in this way, render legitimate questioning as seeming illegitimate, while our followers feel the same; that they are defending what is right. We have inoculated our faithful against critical thinking and true objective analysis, but they are given worthy substitutes! Check the boards folks.  We do this contrapuntal shell-game shift at most every embarrassing truthful revelation.

Did too!  Did not!  Did too! No I didn’t!  It’s you! You did! You are the liar!

This still works as well as it did in childhood.  Remember, we are not looking to actually solve the issues that divide us.  Those are our capital, our means of control to play one off against the other.  Defeating the odds is always the bottom line.  Always, what is the secret narrative that allows the few to possess the many.  And may I add; give us their energy and effort so our lives can be LARGE!

The Currency Of Blind Trust

Here is where conservatism, with its apriori and unquestionable truths, allows belief and identity to prevail over facts and connective context.  No other truth is allowed in, or to stand in consciousness as actual reality. This pandering to prior assumption completes a circle in reasoning; a kind of defensive firewall against objectivity or critical thinking.

These qualities of unaccountability are essential to seduction as well as to our aim to inoculate our followers against ideas and statistical data that do not serve our cause.  In this pursuit of control, emotion is essential to push faith into belief that becomes unchecked against objective reality.  The individual identity is now controlled, while objective reality is effectively cut off from influence.  We can then flush faith into any direction we wish.

In other words, for the person, we control how the universe seems.  Though liberalism produced Democracy and individual freedom, we are now taking them both down by our ad hominem assaults upon reason.  Notice all the Obama abomination gyrations bursting out of our base–they need to be deceived, and we give them what they need.  Even with a birth certificate, for instance, many will not know that the negative presumption is not true.  They are magnetically/emotionally attached to negative perception attached to our enemies, yet presume it the likely case.  This is the blind power of conservatism my friends, embrace it.

This is the power of belief over reality–reality cannot be proven true and belief cannot be proven false to those made unable, or addicted enough to the prescribed outcome of perceptual control.  This is why so much conservatism is buzz word and talking point driven; Thought-terminating clichés and canned concepts wrap and warp thinking up inside a perceived good belief iconography.  We then have defeated the freedom of the human mind to truly perceived for itself, instead, making those individuals our paradigm perception dependents.  Wave that magic wand!  Wave it in circles for circles are self completed; the point proved by the very premise.  No reality need apply.

Tricks of Perceptual Trading

We use existentialism, via the perception of fair and balanced opinion, to make both fact and context ambiguous and essentially confusing, easily tagged as seemingly deceptive. The argument defers to pre held confirmation bias, leaving now with;  “Well. That is your opinion.  I blah, blah, blah… While deceiving our followers, we will have them believe they are fighting deception, while believing they are being solders in the army of right or of God.  This is how we can take Democracy down, entrap the individuals narrative and dreamscape, while making freedom into the image of our own desires.

We can and do defeat Democracy and Freedom while praising them as sacred icons.  We can control the image of God to serve ourselves, while having the followers of God believe they are serving the same.  No problem proposed by connection, or The Commons of Life, or Gods Creation, are big enough to defeat our own permanent desire to stay on top.  We are in control, people, not Democracy, not Freedom, and certainly not anyone’s God.  Look how well we defeated the teachings of Jesus over these last thousand years and made Him into one of us.  Again;  The beauty of ignorance.

A thousand years ago, the bible was altered to demean conscious introspection and increase hierarchical mindsets and authoritarian modalities.  Whole gospels deleted.  Yet what do our evangelicals think?–They represent the true word of God unadulterated.  Perfect I say. Opportunism always knows what it is doing; it is making itself as God, it is taking Gods name in vain, and it is fine if you want to succeed all the way to the top. Opportunity knows this.

We are succeeding at reversing the problematic liberalism instigated by Jesus Christ and other spiritual teachers, by making the followers fear and insecurity dependent.  It is by limiting Love itself, that the whole of culture is divided, conquered and contained, made malleable to our interest above all else.  This is the perfect trap; people struggling to make themselves free and thinking they are serving God, while actually baiting their own trap to hold themselves!


To these repossession of Creation: We take from the Almighty in the Almighty’’s name, and give the victory to man.  Specifically, to those who take what they can get away with.

May I see you just below me —-on top of the pyramid!