Dogs In Heaven; Playing Fetch With Angels

Get The Spiritual Pooper Scooper

How absurd is this argument?


{Thanks for the fun Catholics}

I feel sorry for our human imposed conceptions of heaven based on fantasizing from a book.  Just think of the orthodoxy viewpoint of only humans in heaven.  This means: No clothes in heaven.  Does light have a soul?  I guess no light.  No chairs in heaven, so you can not sit down.  Gravity?  Seems attached to matter, does matter have a soul?  Just floating in the black forever with no air or anything to conduct words. Um?  Isn’t that like vanishing forever into a hole in the ground? Seems one need not believe in heaven then to achieve that?

Oh haven’t you heard?  Faith is about believing.  We do not comprehend Gods mystery.

Then keep the only human souls in some vacuum pile in an alienated heaven to yourself.

I am amazed but not surprised over the immaturity so evident in much “evangelical” notions.  It is as if they were made up by a kid with too much time and imagination on their hands.

Hey.  I’m going to form a club where all kinds of magical stuff happens but you are not to have questions, only believe in the story.  Lets see how many we can fool into taking on an absurdity based upon future speculation, founded on nothing.  Wait!  Lets say it is from a book someone found that cannot be questioned.  That way no one can say we are wrong, yet we can surly say that they are.  Now you must only have faith and believe to think you are somehow granted the magical powers. See!  Then you are saved, while non believer are tortured.  Cool!  Wait.  That sounds just cruel.

Nah.  Grownup won’t buy it.

I don’t need a book to do that.

Follow my hands. Watch the watch;  You know nothing.  You are not authorized to think unless I tell you to.  My words cannot be questioned, that way only yo are.  If you make mistakes, you are blamed.  If you do not convert just in the nick of time, you will be tortured forever.  Follow my magic pendant.  You are imperfect but held to perfects standards.  If you are wrong you suffer forever, just because I say so.  I’m very mean and vengeful.  I hate my creation.

And no dogs in heaven.

Oh grow up!

We do not “go to heaven”.  You know heaven or you do not.  You know the connectivity of Life, or you only guess.  Heaven is where the heart is, or the heart is somewhere else.

Get back to heaven.  Don’t worry about the dogs.  They’re already there; for Life (God) Loves Life.  Heaven known? By Love.  You and I do not require an interpreter or other intermediary to know Love.

I am being redundant for heaven sake.


Yesterdays almost dog cloud from heaven?

A Sunday Summer Storm; August in Arizona


Desert Weather is very unpredictable.  We were given two days of 70% chance of rain, and possibly heavy rain at that.  My total? 0.14″.  However, nearby, often following predictable geographic steering, heavy rains could be seen just miles away.  It is often as if the storms tend to follow the valleys after being triggered by mountains or other means of convergence. Once I was working at a home a few miles away, well about 8.  Every day there were heavy rains, the ground was saturated.  I’d call home; Is it raining there?  No.  By the time I was home up the hills; bone dry.  On some occasions, the opposite happens, where the hills have the buildup “locked” in overhead.  Then we can get big rains 1-2″ from quite a small rain shaft. (This stalled storm effect happened about 2 hours after this post was written–approx 1″ of rain in 20 min.  Largest hail dime size.)

-Downdraft blowing rain-shaft  Photo edited to get the rain movement against bright sun.


Watercolor clouds overhead