Tucson International Airport; A Tourist Attraction?

Growing up around the Chicago area,  I was a little familiar with major airport scenes.  Midway and O’hare would see us dropping in on very rare occasion to watch the planes take off and land. It was our version of taking a vacation. We lived under a major Midway flight path, before Midway entered its more minor airport phase.

My father was in the Air Force in World War 2, so he was familiar with airplanes.  To us kids, airplanes were for warriors and the wealthy to travel in, not us.  We did not even have a car.  But it sure was cool to watch them planes come and go, imagining the world as your destination.

Well Tucson’s airport in nothing of the magnitude of major ones. It has undergone much improvement over the last several years, and is now quite nice and efficient.  When I drop in to pick folks up or send them away, I wander around the art and other exhibits scattered around.  There is quite a bit of cool stuff that seems to be on some sort of exhibition circuit.

Anyway.  Here are a few pics. from the baggage area of AA.  Last time I showed the airport, a copy of the Mars Lander was there.

Small section of U of A wood and wildfire exhibit showing a small part of the tree ring data.


-When picking up luggage one can check out local places to visit.  I’ve been to both of these; very nice and informative spots.



-Crowds?  Hardly ever.  Little rushes before and after flights, otherwise clear sailing around the airport terminal.


The airport and vicinity has plenty of parking and shuttle service, not too easy to get lost there.