A Cat Named Reddy

A Cat Called Reddy and His Pall Tommy

There was a wild cat.  He kept his distance form our male cat.  On rare occasion, I’d notice this wild orange cat, chasing something in our front yard, which is a “wash”,  a kind of desert temporary river for a few to several days a year.  When I’d be out in the wash checking on plants, I would notice a cat dart away.  This was usually Reddy.


Our adult male cat was killed by a pack of dogs two Christmases ago.  A gray cat began to appear at our door.  It was a tom cat which we named Tommy in honor of his position.  Shortly after that, another cat began to appear around the edges.  This cat seemed to question his OK to be here, darting off if we carried most anything in our hands.  We put out food, since we like cats and are willing to adopt them if the adopt us.


We are not sure about Tommy.  Sometimes he vanishes for a couple days. We thought he was possibly a “shared cat”, a kind of neighborhood fella.  The orange cat we called Reddy, maybe because Orangery wasn’t quite right, and a daughter in Manhattan has “Red Cat”.  Anyway.  This post is about Reddy mostly.

Reddy stays around our place most all the time.  If I go out to the gate, he comes along.  When we leave, he often is right where we left him out near the gate many hours before.  If there is a big dog around, Reddy will place himself out ahead of us, as if to protect us from the beast.  Although the dog may be more interested in Reddy actually.  The thing about Reddy seems to be he is fearless.  Not always a good quality for cats around coyotes, but these less organized dogs seem cautious of Reddy, possibly being Reddy is so large and confrontive.


So this is Reddy.  He is such a serious cat, but one of the most friendly and loyal cats I have known.  It seems likely he was once escaped or abandoned by someone when he was a kitten.  He was maybe a year old when I first saw him.  We lost our wonderful male cat after he got out unexpectedly one evening.  Now we have two outdoor male cats who are palls.  In winter they huddle together in a raised nest I make for them in the garage.  In rainy weather the other day, I found them in the garage waiting out the storm.


Two wild cats make our home theirs.