Hiding The Bleach For Brainwashing: Mind Control for You and I

Political and Spiritual Psychological Manipulation of Belief

Reality Framing


Brainwashing Made Simple

To question or not to question; that is the question.

Who knows what they are talking about?

Right off the bat; you swing your perception the way you do for some reason.  Your thoughts have a logic(s) they are applying to observation, consciousness manifesting the feeling this bouncing ball produces. But you and I are never sure exactly who is chasing our logic’s ball, nor if they believe our team is any good.  Metaphors, for instance, find various holes to fall through, getting mixed into gloves, golf or a pool table in the process.

Now where did that ball go?

I do not know what you know.  I can assume you read, but a machine may do that for you these days.  Likely, although I cannot see you here, you do understand language.  I know information comes to you that way if you are actually reading this, but I do not know what else you know or do not know, or how you reference the things of Life.  Knowledge and ignorance, are in some basic ways, metaphysical.  I know something of you, yet do not know who you are, where you are, or when you encounter these words.  Something known, much unknown.

I cannot usually know what you do or do not know by just looking at you.  But by hearing you, your use of language and theory, all manner of pseudo knowing can ensue.  Truth, then, becomes the problematic issue; whether my theories of you, and you of I, are correct or filled with varying amounts of ignorance; of projection from me and assumptions from my history with its assumed wisdom of the ways of things.

A critical potential conflicting issue now arises; What do you and I agree on as truth or proof of it? This is classic existentialism regarding meaning and reality. Do I assume a-priori knowing from my background; my family ways and cultural ones?  Probably. I likely possess the “need” for confirmation bias to view me as good and true. It is hard to avoid operating from what seem to be operational truths.  This is not exactly proof of actual truth. These knowings of mine may actually be beliefs or theories being imposed upon reality.   If I know there is a waterfall two miles up the river, me telling you does not mean you know this as well.  You may know you trust me, and have no reason to believe I would deceive you, but in the sense of empirical knowing; you do not know there is a waterfall where I claim.

You have your image of waterfall.  You might go up the river to see what I was talking about, only to see for yourself that I actually must have meant there was water falling over one rock in the middle of the stream, “pretending” to be a waterfall in miniature in the imagination of one looking at it.  the word and the concept of it were altered, but the explanation to you was not.  How much of this kind of unknown change of idea occurs regularly in our lives, becoming part of our own narrative?

What constitutes proof of existence and proof of belief are quite differing things.  Most of the time we do not deconstruct our nature of awareness and cognition, instead, we “run” with what seems known, for it has not been proved false (as far as we know).  You and I are inclined to accept much without much evidence other than what seems operational knowing, but that confidence may be something quite other than based on factual reality.

Enter Platforms for Truth’s Explanation; Religious and Political Persuasion

We are fallible creatures by nature.  This does not mean we are not perfectly natural, nor that nature is not perfectly rational.  It only means you and I are not omniscient, we can make mistakes; draw wrong conclusions; use false proof (erroneous “truth”), such as attitude over fact;  we can chose not to admit our error, instilling a kind of error drive into our living; and on…  In the falsity I have described, that can “automatically” become inserted into my consciousness of Life, there do appear to be avenues of correction.  I can learn.  I can understand.  I can forgive.

Learning, understanding, forgiving myself of judgments that may contain kinds of error which I no longer wish to “own”; these are generic corrective mechanisms for ignorance and its consequence.  Societies tend to internalize these, making them appear as gifts of the cultures narrative.  This kind of assumption goes up and down the scale; from individual to society.  We intend to live by Truth, but Truth is open to interpretation.  This interpretations parameters varying widely and wildly, depending on the conceptual underpinnings of The Truths assumed characteristics. Truth and reality become subject of interplay with ignorance. The Appearance Reality I operate as my real world view, likely has some conglomerations of Consensus Reality embedded with what I assume is reality.  Our culture and familly virtually guarantee I think some things are real that are actually really questionable.

I tend to grant much more leeway for understanding in myself, granting me many kinds of perceptual privilege.  Let say I have an organic empathy for my situation.  Others are another matter.  Someone across the culture, representing things seemingly different than I, well, I am likely to not grant them this same leeway, especially if I am under some pronounced stress.  It becomes “easy” to see others as somehow being in the way of ones own life.  They are making problems for me; and they may or may not be.  People and institutions may be “in the way” of my life, but that still does not establish who is most right in this equation.

It may describe who holds more mechanical power over by mathematical influence of mass.  Subconsciously, this mathematical?physical domination likely carries an influence over my decision making in life; I take into account who or what exercises control features over my life, and may well tend to accommodate them.  This will begin tweaking my identity to cultural norms.

It may also “encourage” me to be a champion of their cause, proclaiming it the true cause for all.  Corporation domination of culture, for instance, a kind of exploitation and partitioning of environments at all cost, will entice many to self fulfill the domination matrix, insisting life itself may depend upon unquestioned support.  Churches, as original kinds of incorporation’s, tend to seal off the exits this way.  It becomes my way, or no way.

Again.  Not establishing actual right from wrong, but instead, establishing adaptation to influence over ones will by external forces.  If I then go on to identify with this overriding will, I conform to expectation without tending to question, beginning the process of having a not truly examined life. I have then in effect; had my will adjusted, not by truth exactly, but by the forces of conformity and its compulsions.  I do not actually know why I do all that I do, only seemingly that I must.  This is a formula of self manipulation imposed by external sources.  It opens up my will, not to the principles of truthful knowing and understanding, but to forces of unknown integrity, operating from unknown cause.

The Four F’s: Fact, Faith, Fiction and Fraud

What I hope I have described above, is that our ignorance is powerful.  Ignorance can be denied, it then hiding behind my trust in a logic that does not require common elements of corrective knowledge; new input, new understanding of connection, other environmental influence on my notions that I have not considered, etc.  In this respect; politics and religion tends to trust I will not look into certain facts and their association; that I will not consider other ideas or theory in depth; that I will eventually hold loyalty or community connection above truth itself.  This is a major identity sacrifice; one I might not even know I made, or could make.  (FYI– I was in a Christian religious cult decades ago.)

These are identity controls.  The dials to their “on-ness” are likely in the hands of those who have a vested interest in keeping ignorance in, and understanding out.  {Note how anti-science The Church (Catholic) was, (some churches still are shaming scientific concepts) putting many a scientist to death or ostracism} This is not what most of would subscribe to as a good way to live; denying information access to our awareness.

It must be disguised by outright indoctrinated denial, or other emotionalized “information” that seems to threaten our identity; our group identities as us or we.  This is manipulation of the ability to know, and it will create intransigent problems in coping with reality, so the view of reality itself must be contorted to fit the ideas imposed upon it.

-Give me Liberty!  No That’s it!  Just Liberty!  What responsibility?  I said Liberty!

Many who consider themselves libertarians, for instance, are trusting, having faith, in a kind of abandonment to individualism as the value, they may not quite know how dependent they are on others to exist in common in a world that is inherently One.  Many a libertarian will describe a highly responsible state of self-hood; the individual responsible to act in honor and justice to other individuals.  Like many values and beliefs, they may be good and true in the abstract, but in practical reality, the amount of interrelationship and interconnection, and its responsibilities, may not be on their radar.

Liberty, an appeal to the rule of the will of the self, is often the rallying cry for many anti tax perspectives, or anti any perceived external control seemingly placed upon the self. When we see tax money going to causes we do not support, a kind of violation seems natural to behold.  Subjectively, independently, I can say; I did not sign up as a citizen for that.  But what then are the consequences of withdrawal?  { I am actually in many aspects a libertarian.}

What if all tax were voluntary?  Do we support all military based tax, with the assumption that they know things I do not, and would only ever act from righteous cause, even though I know that some of our civilian governments representatives are essentially always up for sale, or holding ideologies I find objectionable?  Would I be for a small child being given food to survive, but not someone who seems to not give a damn about me or I about they?

Do I bailout the supper wealthy so my (our) economy keeps going?  Do I say they would not bail me out, so then hold them to the same cause?  What if I do not drive a car, and do not wish to pay for all the socialist roads most of society drives on, will I pay for the socialist fire department coming on those roads to put out the fire and save the children at my house?  Why not?  This would take bureaucracy to a whole new level. I would trust the libertarian to help cover the cost they are increasing on the rest of us.

We actually live in a context where there are many community agreements and understandings, a social contract, that seems to have become so ignored it seems invisible, maybe not even there. That stress of apparent disconnection in awareness can be tagged onto their apparent absence, as someone else’s tax on us.  This is that “capital of ignorance” once again.  Yet it is exactly the excuse some of us look for to explain our trouble and conveniently place it squarely where it seems it belongs, on someone else.

It might be said; Give me Liberty, or give me excuses to believe in only me as relevant, or else I would wish to die.  That society is likely a restrictive force on the individual is a given.  That society must then always be wrong, is not true, but it sure can be made to seem so when made to order desire is imposed upon.  Who or what is behind our desires?  am I sure as math that it is me? Opportunism comes with many tricks to play over ones own consciousness, yet conveniently put the responsibility onto someone other.  Opportunism can be a collective sense of behavior; it can be individualized or generalized, depending upon differing “needs”.

-Where does my information about other human beings come from?  Do I really know?  How am I certain?  Where am I honest to myself?

We can have many feelings to be approached by most anyone with the money and or the influence to do so.  Issues will be paraded before us for observation likely for a reason.  The reason, however, may be assumed to be one thing while actually being another.  Religious leaders do this for their reasons, reasons we do not always know, but assume to be righteous. Even with them, trust and faith are innocents that can be used to advantage when some manipulation is desired.  Politics is no different; our feelings will be defined and used for a desired outcome, for reasons we are told, but do not actually know.

We cannot be absolutely certain that even our family and friends always have our best interest at heart, not if their own is preeminent. (I am a volunteer for a domestic violence program, where this uncertainty, or insecurity regarding love, safety, and co or no definitions of commitment, creates repercussions that can turn to physics or other identity manipulation to attempt to solve entrenched conundrums of relationship.)

This leaves us with a certain certainty; that my ignorance is capital to someone, and they are more than willing to spend it, this is the nature of opportunism; exploitation.  The question is; who bears the tax on ignorance?  Who pays the price?  I do.  We do.  They do as well.  This part is often the hardest to believe when one has been “used”, even more difficult when that usage is not consciously known.  It will show up in the world however, it will not obviously be tagged to our ignorance exactly.  It might seem to be the way things go, or that what goes around comes around.  We might know, that many of these powerful people who seem to do so well overall, have us not wishing to be like them.  We might shudder to think of it, of being like them, yet wish we had their fame or resource.  Curious.

-Faith and Belief can be Fraud-

How do you know you know that you know what you know?  There seems to be an endless amount of blame to pass around, usually away form ourselves, when things go wrong in the world.  We seem sure of knowing that, but we know not seems:  Someone else’s ideas are to blame, someone else’s behavior.  If only they, were only we.

This is one of the many seductions of ignorance; cognitive dissonance and buzz words that serves as Thought-terminating cliché’s, can help to keep us from thinking, especially from the all inclusive thought practices of critical thinking.  As it is, our will is under much pressure of both kinds of conformity, and to identity and interest hijacking.

Individuals propose schemes that need us to manipulate The Commons (the infinite aspects of Life) to assuage their stress, as do other institutions that have a vested interest in permanently not accounting to questioning in any full and inclusive way.  As long as we as individuals do not question why we do not question, some questions, and so some knowing, will not be had.  Our lives then, in unknown ways, held down by what are ultimately our own thoughts.

You are provided with a kind of truth detector for these outer interest, and ones accounting of your own thinking; do they (I) allow questions from top to bottom?  That’s it.  Are they (I) accountable to reality, and to accountable Truthfulness as an aspect of that reality, or are they (I) out to tell you what reality is and make you accept it without question?

Oh no! You’re not supposed to question, that is just doubt trying to seduce you!

Perfect block. Check mate.

If I am not allowed to ask; I am not allowed to know.

Fact or fiction, truth or falsity, these do make a difference, but if I do not know where these may be in my own thoughts, I will pay the difference in my life, no matter if you others are being true or not yourself. The bottom line ends up being drawn in our own lives. If I operate my observational “knowing” from what are conserved ideas beyond questioning, I likely may be polluting true reality with imposed assumption.

Most of us have our own issues with our own reactive conservatism, blocking empathy and compassion to others who seem too different, or who we feel have wronged God or society.  Being human and not omniscient, we may claim an abstract ideal as omniscient, such as God, then excuse all manner of behavior, for it is claimed to be in service of Perfection.  Unfortunately for this rationalization scenario; it is highly doubtful that denial, deception, or other means of avoiding questioning truly leads to a more honest or more Whole life.

The biggest fraud of all, may be the one that has one believe that we are “getting away with” something that in some manner depends on ignorance to succeed over others.  Such a victory is over oneself actually, and would be known as a loss if the victor were aware of it.  The bliss of ignorance? Or the curse? That loss will continue haunting with darkness out into their, or our lives in other ways until it is solved, released by true knowing.  That is the nature of understanding; it illuminates what was unknown.

Such are the fates of knowing and ignorance, of the will and ones identity.

We each had the key all along.  Where does its doorway lead?

Questioning.  Returning to the awe and wonder of the present moment and all else.  Realizing the power of Now; the freedom of forgiveness and understanding.  Connection itself becomes a revelation, if I was consumed with separation and alienation.

Ideas are not infallible.  Human expression is not all powerful, nor is human assumption.  Life is embodies with Love and Being, when I am willing to see it. All these things approachable always, by questioning what I think I know.


{Disclaimer: Any particular in this presentation may be incorrect. And that is the way it is.}