Typhoon Morakot’s Rains Drown A Highrise

I need flood insurance on the 6th floor.


Who are you?  Noah?

Trust this building was evacuated.

This typhoon may have produced some of the worlds all-time short period record rains (historical) in Chiayi Taiwan.  They say 8 feet of it in some areas.

Typhoon Morakot triggers floods‎ –

Record rainfall caused widespread flooding across Southern Taiwan in the wake of Typhoon Morakot yesterday, forcing thousands of people from their homes and

Is The Right Always Wrong? The Real Fake Outrage Over Obama’s Death Care Bill


I called it, this upcoming Health Care Initiative, The Death Care Bill, for today even Sarah Palin weighed in with her mighty sword. — Links Below

Provoking the public is a dangerous occupation, but one which corporate and right wing operatives seem most comfortable in fomenting.  The best cover is one of righteousness, when a common understanding of verifiable facts in context are not what one is aiming for.

Much of the allegedly grass roots organizing of recent mob scenes at public health care bill information events, is being orchestrated by the very folks who were the Republican operatives that did the mob scenes at the 2000 election in Florida.  They know the weight of the appearance of forceful “spontaneous” outrage. — At home we see “average” people  are outraged; point made.  Worth a thousand words whether true or false.


Media Bias?

Truth is the last thing those manipulating emotions are interested in, for dialogue can lead to understanding, and why would those staying rich off the broken heath care system want to change that?  Follow the money; is the common wisdom most often ignored these days when visuals can be so exciting.  But look at how upset they are! Regular people are upset!

Money is pouring in to fight the public good with fear and paranoia; the lifeblood of reaction.  Naturally, the front groups call themselves public interest sounding names, and those on the conservative news circuit take the laced kool aid without question.  How dare you question their question?  Why we question you!  The argument devolving into existential Russian Roulette.

This is lost on those being emotionally provoked by the conservative news and information sources shilling for these industries; that conservatism is always anti paradigm change.  Psychological conditions of different groups in any population, can be ripe for nurturing crazy speak as impassioned comprehension of hidden truth  This sort of thing helped precipitate genocide in World War Two, but is now invoked as a wise pill of fascist prevention.  Amazing. The lack of continuity and coherence that emotion can shape ones intention into, and the targets the cognitive dissonance gets aimed at in answers name, requires no response to get to sleep at night an wake in the morning.  It’s not my problem!

In that sense; many modern conservatives are against true, or real factual Democracy itself; for allowing just anyone into the cultural dialogue is inherently threatening to them.  Conservative paradigms present the only validity is to be like me; what I stand for. Economic conservatives have been having great success at shaping religious conservatism into their own mindsets: Life is not fair, so why should conservatives be made to act as if it is or should be?  Democracy, and its egalitarian premise of one vote for one person, must in some respect be defeated even while it is touted.  Free speech defeated, even while it is invoked; freedom of choice defeated even while it is claimed sacrosanct.  “Heaven is not a Democracy.”

That is both conservatism’s self satisfying loyal pride and their reality detachment strategy.  Conservatism requires both a confidence in certainty and the surety that other ideas are inherently wrong.  Facts need not be checked when I know I am already right.  But I digress.  Well.  Not really.

The Currency Of Ignorance

Truth, then, is no object to stand in the way of ideology.  Facts outside of ideology become seemingly detached, and under the potential domain of generalized intellectual elites, already demonized, unless bought and paid for to promote conservative conceptions of reality.  In which case they are hoisted upon flags, delivered as wisdom itself to a biased liberal intelligentsia.  See!  We have our facts too, only ours are better than yours cause they are true.

It is the conservatives detachment from verifying objective reality, that opens their Pandora’s Box of belief with its emotionally attached data stream.  An information source need then only be assumed to be one of theirs to be truthful. This is the bane of conservatism and its many ideological manifestations in politics and religion; authority need not be accurate to fact, but assumed loyal to identity. Once truth is subjugated, all manner of ill can be conceived in the name of fighting evil.  And so, in the name of goodness and right, followers come to do the bidding of their masters behind the curtains.

The light of knowledge is a constant threat to conservative ideological mind control, and yet much conservatism motivates its followers in the name of that very light.  But since all things are effectively One on so many levels, we all will pay the price of their own self deception.  Those who profit off of manipulating human nature with fear, have us pay their price as well.  As surely as if they were polluting the air or water we need to survive.

The only answer that can work for the conservative conundrum, is knowing the love of connection to all things.  And yet this very release is most often denied or rendered supremely conditional by ideological prejudice.  Human beings held in these traps are looking subconsciously for ways out, unfortunately, that way is usually presented as getting rid of all those other alien beliefs filling the world with their problems.

These, I admit, are my opinions and not Gospel truths.  I am not provoking conflict, but suggesting means of understanding.  I believe there are some open minded and hearted conservatives, but they seem to be perpetually drowned out by all the whining about liberalism going on in so much of the media.  The money is not on their side.

Why does liberalism so disturb the conservative mind frame? : Inherent flexibility and adjustments to the evidence of reality based upon rational reason.  This means in some respects, what may be deemed the current most reasonable theory of interpretation of environments.  These will likely seem, or be seen as an anathema to conservative beliefs.  They do not believe they are following theory, but full Truth.  That this is ultimately their opinion, is not acknowledged, but often denied.

As Bertrand Russell put it;

“The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.”

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