On The Nations Health Care; How To Siphon Off The Blood Bank

Our Great Success at The Nations Health Care Blood Bank Must Continue!

{A fictional parable narrative}


You all know why we must work together on this one.  It is a battle over what is assumed true, what is real, and how we keep what we have.

One thing any predator knows; separate the individual from the herd.  Now you have access.

This is what we face in commandeering The Commons, or the common interest, commonly referred to as the public good.  We turn the commonality into the subjective.  Just as a predator will work the herd to find the weak, we program ideas into the culture that achieves this same objective. By controlling the conceptual parameters of individualism, we can engineer access to break that common good, and make that good our own.

We use fear as if it were teeth baring down on the individual.  This not only makes them fearful and susceptible, but has them seeking out a new body of protection, a new herd to provide cover.  Survival is in a basic sense; the individuals insurance plan; what preserves them and their future.  This new herd mentality of the individual, must be our desire and our ideology.

We manipulate The Commons, for the interest of the individual above the whole.  In religion, we make the individual fearful.  In the economy, we do the same.  Wealth and power have their now intrinsic access bias provided by our cultural paradigm; a way of life that keeps us on top, while others lust after our achievements.  This we use to our advantage, and all while the ideology of individualism supports the kind of success and fortune that we represent.  Their identity is in this way, wed to our own.

This is how Creation is separated in individual consciousness.  It is also how we project ourselves as the intermediary, standing between the individual and survival, be it earthly or heavenly.  They are then dependent on us.  Our fears can be transmitted to them as if they were their own, for in effect they are.  We own the cosmological and spiritual perspective.  Where we point, the individuals narrative goes.

Now we can defeat Democracy and its Liberalism while using those very inventions to untie themselves.  The public good is rendered our good.  The best slaves, are those who believe themselves to be free.

We can defeat American health care reform, which means, keep things essentially the way they are.  To do this it is necessary to divert attention from reality, to fear. Fear can overcome an individuals sense of self with the attending sense of reality, having it defer to paranoia and linked apparent threat motivation.  Fear is an opportunist, meaning our opportunity; a predators prime leverage in conscious and subconscious consideration.  It is then, a currency unparalleled in identity control and manipulation.  Fear is money in our bank.  We must never forget that!

We are faced with this imperative; We must culture an audience based on faith, on belief, and not on so called objective reality. These so called believers are prone to accept opinion and attitude over truth, fear over fact, for now they are rendered independent and suspicious of objective critical thinking requirements.  These greatly enable our primitive control mechanisms; shame and ostracism, to motivate conformity to our will.  We will so control the individuals sense of survival, attaching their ensuing identity interest to our own.  We have many media avenues to deliver this drug to the populace.


Look at how obvious individuals see this one way street of interest already; Corporations simply pass on their tax of profit, their tax of cost, and even their tax of tax onto the individual.  But is the reverse true?  Do the working smoes pass on their cost of living increase by upping their wage?  Absolutely not!  This is why we must attack unions and any other organization of the relative whole populace, accept where we desire.  We call the shots on survival, then we have individual behave as we wish.  And believe me, we have them insisting that this is freedom as well!

No one said transferring your interest to another does not necessarily have you be thanked for it!  Once we have this myopic identity inserted into individual consciousness, the big view becomes ours to define.  We automatically attract a legion of followers that are desperate for our own intellectual and rational dialectics.  Those who see our power and intuit its advantage, will lust after our reason, and attack those who do not accept our commands.  Do you see the propaganda business scenario?  I trust so.

We own America, the public does not!

We will lose control of the public if they are taught to understand what fact in context is for themselves, and so we defer to attitude, authority and posture; standard conservative identify control features.  That, and a self validated individualism that considers ones own opinion as the relevant truth.  Do not underestimate individualism as an identity feature.  It enables us to part out Creation, making it all up for sale, including ones very health and well-being, ones life.  No more apples for them for the taking, or unconditional love. The individual is disconnected form nature continuity, dependent upon supply strategies we provide for survival.  This greatly enables cognitive dissonance coping mechanisms, contorting our public into the shape we wish to guarantee our survival, all through their own subjugation.

And our individualist think they are free!  Lovely.

We have our usual target audiences; those who are proving to not know how to actually check facts, and are highly susceptible to black magic, or rumor and allegation.  Remember the statement; ‘He palls around with terrorist.’ comment last election? Soon they were yelling that Obama was a terrorist.  It is about controlling cause to produce desired effect.

Unhinging fear upon susceptible identities is a powerful disruptor of consciousness and civilized dialogue.  This is why we must provoke the exhibition of these fears upon the population; doubt and fear help conservatism.  Period.  Turmoil sets people back to what they think they know, conserving what seems relevant to the identity’s stability. They are then diverted from what now seems a dangerous unknown change.  Straight forward monkey business, people; and we just sit back and watch this happen. Wrong! We encourage it by not aiding or abetting our enemy!

To these ones out of the critical thinking mandates, opinion appears as fact, in that that opinion or innuendo suits the already believed in ideas. People who operate by faith conceptualizations, can be the easiest pickings for propaganda.  Our thinkers have long been aware of this, being it is evident throughout human history.  We now tailor our required fear manipulations to the target audience susceptibilities. We will bite them with it.  By anesthetizing critical thinking capacity, emotion and idea association become the proof, facts become suspicious.  That is how we take down the “reality community”.

We will care for ourselves by defeating the reasons people support caring for one another unconditionally. It is how The Golden Rule is conquered; divided and defeated.  This causes compartmentalization of The Golden Rule to our kind of people, and not those others.  You know who we are talking about.

See how easy it is?


We control minds by tugging at the suspicions of the heart.  Fear is thus our allied communicator, our constant companion. We do this emotional point of view pivot on health care, by changing a public awareness of common health concerns, to self centered, everyone for themselves thinking. Distrust of government is a key to this perception, where we desire its targeting.  So the socialism ruse is an excellent one.

Most folks do not know the air is, in effect, socialized; the highways, the power grid, the military, many of Life’s fundamentals are communal property.  Yet we can take them out of consideration, control the definitions limitations of a concepts usage.  We can even take away, eventually, the communal identity by hiring out government function to private contractors.  They then use tax dollars, but become corporation dependent in their philosophical world view.

You want clean water?  They buy a bottle!

And our noose tightens on human identity.

We have pretty much controlled the dialectic on government parameters by associating it with cost, then that cost is framed as what is taking form you and giving to someone unworthy as you.  This is simple self-centeredness, yet appealing to most anyone wanting more money.  We have in this way commandeered self interest to exclude interest of The Commons.  Most people do not even know what The Commons actually is; it is the connectivity of Life  In short; we must place attitude and innuendo above illness, subjectivity above the objective.  And believe me; we have like minded followers of this eternal struggle for success over humankind.

We have tried and true means at our disposal, as well as the ever paranoid lunatic fringe to scare suspicion into the nations dialogue.  We defeat the public by using the public insecurity and attaching it to our own will.  Here is where the fabled Wedge Issues come in; under the guise of well meaning intention, perception is realigned to subjective tagged considerations.  Now; what we have created are malleable identities, able to be transformed to accept our interest as their own, while thinking they are seeing things as they are for themselves.  Deception is a beautiful thing!

This is opinion evolution of the highest order, our order.  Our orders are best served by having the public believe they are their own, a seamless continuum.  We are fortunate by nature, that money gives us access to promote our views through congress and our legion of loyal followers.  In this way, we manufacture Wedge Issues as our own health policy guarantee.  And so, power controls Democracy, surrendering it to those who can afford it.  This is as it should be; we erase the Renaissance and the Age of Reason with a wisp of our wing.

Oh yeah; and render Democracy our own servant stepchild.


We are fortunate, that in corporate America, the alleged liberal press actually shills for us and not exactly the public good.  Well, let me put it more accurately; it is the public good as far as we are concerned.  We must make the public share our concerns as their own.  This attitude change will change how people identify with health care in the USA, with simple identifying characteristics; what seems to be for them, and what seems against them.

Power must use its “unfair” advantage to defeat the problematic egalitarian implied fairness of Democracy.  We have power and influence to do just this, while the public remains numb in our anesthetics charms; they feel subconsciously dependent.  You know; the hand that feeds them.  We can then use their own subconscious leanings in this regard, against their real interest, and for our own. This is an ancient historical struggle to subdue the mass of humanity. It is never finished.

Vigilance is our eternal cause.  So remember our assets; our corporate press is not actually a democratic Free Press Fourth Estate, but one driven by profit bottom-lines just as we all are.  It is a corporate Forth Estate, based on squeezing out money, and don’t anyone forget it!  Guess who “they”, the free press, will naturally side with?  I trust you know that answer!  How do you think we have practically every unsubstantiated, wild idea on the far right being the questions being asked of the Obama administration?  Yet what is the constant chant?  The Mainstream Liberal Media is all biased!

Back eight years or so ago, most anything spoken against Bush was cast as Bush bashing being done by the far left fringe. Their questions were pretty much shamed into silence, while we have people thinking Obama isn’t even a true American! Brilliant!  A liberal press indeed people!  It is liberal in its diverse usage that we exploit, in that we love promoting sex, violence, and most any conflict to grab emotional attention, as well as for the ensuing big bucks of course. We then have conservatism blame liberalism for it, while sitting back and counting the cash!  That is how subconsius control works, we allude the liberal media is always promoting it!

It is all about hiding right in front of the public eye. Shell Games people.  The old bait an switch.  It will be faith and trust in our goodness, and claims of principle, that allows us to force surrender upon objectivity.  We promote blind trust for our interest, a conspiracy of fear for our mass of adversary.


We may be the last industrialized nation to cover all our citizens health. We must keep it that way if we intend to make a gravy train killing off of illness and fear.  It is all about silent and steady leverage.  Public input does not foster that.  Lets face the truth; we scare money our of pockets plain and simple.  Imagine it people: We have something like 70% of Southern Whites believing Barack Obama was not even born in America(*).  That is how we put illusion ahead of reality.

We now have the equivalent of the power of magic, the power of illusion and confusion, with easy ideas as cognitive dissonance antidote.  We can make anyone believe in anything, then blame others for problems that continue to evolve.  You know the cue then; Its caused by those liberals!  Who you gonna trust?  Those sinister liberals?  I don’t think so.

Now I would like to congratulate our ideological promoting hero’s. Special thanks to our own Three Kings, to Rush, Bill and Sean.  They our our masters of cognitive dissonance, of denial, blame and shame.  They make fact checking irrelevant, instead, manipulating identity shames peer pressure perception into just what rules; arrogance and accountability projected out to others than our own.  This is our health protection plan.  We have think tanks and institutional advantage to pry the public interest to our own.

We must disguise government supported Health Care as being just another Big Government spending boondoggle; one likely to kill off our own family, or at least imply that to the public perception of their interest.  Fear is our leverage on individual identity.  The right use of words can mold public opinion as if it were clay in our hands.  He’s forcing us into socialism! Run for your lives! By scaring folks, by manipulating their own fear, we can and we will defeat hope.  Hope will become Nope.  We can then get back to many more years of plundering the public commons, ladies and gentleman.  And that is how we stay ahead of voters; by seduction to our interest as if it were their own!


These are an oligarchies rules; we must shift an ideological tag to our interest that appears to represent average citizens suspicions of government.  We do the same for intellectual elites. See how the elite tag taints them?  Do you recall? It works even while George Bush claimed his actual base was the elite.  The elite who manipulate society to remain ahead that is.  That is the elite of consumption, and not of ideas per-say. In democracy, where citizens are given much too much sway over us, we must defeat their own thoughts with our own!  Government bureaucrats will be making decisions for us, standing between you and your doctor! How simple it is, and it is thanks to the intellectual elite we hire to shape public perceptions to opportunist ideology!

Of course this ignores that we have our own corporate bureaucrats already stuffed between the patient and their health care. The dumbed down public doesn’t even realize that they have been fooled into a system that actually takes choice out of their own hands, while claiming to put it there!  Do you see it people?  At least in government, in democracy, you have a say at election time.  Not so in my company! I say not so in America!

Fool them once!  I say fool them 300,000,000 million times!

Believe me.  They will identify with us and share our profitable concerns, even while their own health is being jeopardized by our exploitation of their fear of illness. Remember; society socializes wealth towards the well off (you and me!) and those who set up the various pyramid system paradigms that permit us to harnesses an others energy into your own column.  At least this socialism for the haves, succeeds as long as it is not conceived of that way.  Let us control the dialectic;  Vote for socialism’s public say on cost, bad.  My corporate socialism for me and my stockholders with no public say; good.

That is exploitation, plain and simple, yet for us it is unparalleled opportunity. By sugar coating opportunism with ideas of achievement and success, with self worth and validation by material reward, we obliterate the awareness of exploitation’s usage, while deferring away the problems caused by environmental and social degradation.  It becomes the obvious mechanism to move ahead of others, by leveraging their life energy into your own possession.  Consequence and accountability be damned.  Notice how we shame liberals with accusation while denying accountability issues directed at us?  Faith is something we can bank on!  We can have faith that our followers will not know where or how to check the real facts and how they fit the world.  Disorientation, ladies and gentlemen, allows you to point those pins at the donkey for them!


We have many interested in these schemes that grab others effort, a small piece at a time, but eventually, by mass appeal, this system is accepted as natural and God given.  It rises each day as the sun, and at night as the moon.  We have achieved in human consciousness, the appearance of inherent reality, reality that by all appearance seems simply to be what is.  That is the power and the glory of conservatism.  How do we find that pin in an individuals hay stack that will allow us to pick their pockets lock?  A blowtorch!  Again; thanks to the Three Kings and their many wannabees shilling for subjugation of the individual to our entrenched power dynamic, in the name of freedom!  Magnificent!

We make our logic the logic of identity appeal, then blame change as actually being a threatening attempt to destabilize your life.  It certainly would ours!  This is why we have created the bogeyman of The Mainstream Media, as a shield to corrupt the impressions of any objective reality intrusion.  Remember.  70% of Whites in the South (by an actual poling) are so unhinged of fact checking, that they can be lead to believe what our sycophants wish.—The liberal conspiracy is in reality a faith, it is a belief, and it insulates us from the questioning of these individuals own sense of what reality is and is not.

Notice our Sarah, and so many loyal others; we simply state opinion as fact, while making up logic by already manipulated emotional perception, with its now ideological tag and frame.  It is about an appearance of consistency to our faithful. Luckily they are primed to follow buzz words as if it were manna from heaven. Other aspects of mind control, such as Thought-terminating clichés, will have a word or phrase act as negative magic wands, to stop our followers from thinking further into any matter we wish. Perception slides down that slope right into our bank accounts.  In some ways, we can be much more liberal with the truth and fact as liberals ever could be.  It is a beautiful vice!  We have them both coming and going.  Now there is a profitable trap; other hearts pump to fill up our tanks!

We can have them, the public, our public, think fascism is communism, and more secretly, stealthily to our advantage; think anti-Christianity, is Christianity.  We can reverse the endemic liberalism of Jesus Christ.  A millennium ago we purged the Gospels of spiritually self empowering communal ideas, leaving those that supported our own kinds of power over structures.  We have these believers trapped, but now, without Biblical reference for more direct perception of The Divine and its attending enhanced consciousness.  We have the individual much more worried over their own heavenly outcome, rather than their expanded perception of their being now. This project is still moving forward quite well on much of right wing Christianity, yet they would be outraged to acknowledge this!

That is the perfection of our cover, ladies and gentleman.  Our power over others arises from their own failings within.  Failings we have instituted into the program.  Our faithful have unplugged their own objectivity and rationality, depriving themselves of truly honest questioning.  Check Mate!

Like any opportunism in nature, we have every right to take and keep what we can get, no matter by hook, or by crook, or by the best of intention.  So called reality based Americans look at our followers in abject disbelief; How can they really believe that? The mind is controlled by controlling the heart.  Liberals just do not see the disadvantage they are in; subjectivity is much easier to control than objectivity.  Infinitely more simple, and so this is how we must keep our flocks; plain and simple and proud of it!


Keep spreading the Nope about National Health Care, especially any public option. Yell out; “They are destroying America for their socialist plan!” Thanks, but I meant that figuratively. We certainly do not wish the most popular of all health plans, the socialized health care plan run by the VA, or that other one; Medicare, from competing with us across the boards to drive prices down.  We do not need lower pricing.  We need no question permitted about we doing what we wish with our clients health care plan.  Now that is opportunism at work people!  I say; Don’t let the government take that choice for us away!  Now just phrase that to the common folk, and you have them in your talons!

You’ve got to love those congress-people, with their own national health care plan, condemning government involvement in medicine!  Fantastic!  And all because folks do not check the real facts in context; but are instead influenced by our opinion as operational truth.  My people; just check out Fox News and our GOP partners.  It’s a wonderful confusion!  We still retain our loyal followers even when we are found to be the ones whose principle seems to be, do as I say and not as I do!  Keep the faith!

Keep energizing our lunatic base!  Attack and run, ladies and gentleman.  Make things up.  It is all about doubt and suspicion.  It is amazing how few people ever can see through their own inner motivations.  These are our permanent stock in America. We are about control by fear, but this is no horror movie, this is real life.  Lets take it!

People.  Keep up the good work!

Thank you.


Now where is that metaphorical blood bank of heath care?  I need to make a withdrawal; squeeze a few more of the insured out of their winnings.

Oh. Don’t you know?

I’m looking for a new home where the action is.  Got a piece of land in China I’m scoping out.  You’d be surprised how many of us are putting up a roost there as well.  Get to where the flow is people, or be a looser and get siphoned out.

The Journal: Profits over People | Bill Moyers | PBS Video

With almost 20 years inside the health insurance industry, Wendell Potter saw for-profit insurers hijack our health care system and put profits before