The Pivot Point of Perception; A Point of View

Odd Sayings on Blog Post

It has become popular, or a more known awareness, to declare we humans tend to believe in things that confirm our existing bias.  I do not consider this “breakthrough” in awareness anything new for thinking people: Do I question my beliefs or are they safely behind the goal line?  Psychologist, and to some extent religious teachers, deal with this phenomenon of personal perception and assumption from ones history as a way to guide present perception.

I’m bringing this up for a comment I left on someones blog post, where I used my “pivot point of perception” concept regarding our viewpoints, or how we teeter our tauter toward one idea or another.  I’ve used this idea now for many years, in my writings mostly.  I thought; Did I really go and put that idea on a spiritual blog regarding a poem?  I may need to explain a few things for anyone dropping by to see what this blogger is up to.

Politics, and many other platforms for ideologies, are full of these kinds of one side or another concepts.  Unfortunately, this “existentializes” considerations from true objective analysis, to; “We all do it” status. Then I can offer my “equal” opinions kinds of ad-hominen linkages, existing in an assumed theoretical connection dialectic.  Example?; Why won’t Obama show me his real birth certificate?

I’m just saying. But then, exactly why am I motivated, and how do I energize my awareness of “issues” on subjects that allegedly require a proof which I quite likely am already not accepting?  How does manipulation and denial work its magic in human consciousness?

We create these circular reasoning matrices, looping our “inquiries” into self supporting fact and theory bias, perhaps because an assumed known is better than the awesome ambiguity and effort of objective consideration. It is seemingly  easier, and presumed more comforting, to validate what I claim to know; easy ego deference. I would suggest that most of us are aware of how we lead with our imaginary confidence on matters.  Matters that may well be rooted in fragile and perhaps instigated bias toward presumably self supporting notions, if for some reason we wished to know the real truth.

I have long preferred that I base my belief’s on solid evidence, but this does not mean I always do.  When it comes to momentary personal identity, I can side with the negative or the positive, then search out supporting evidence for my momentary direction.  So I have called this choice a catchy phrase; The Pivot Point of Perception.

We may face these persona pivot points of perception, at not a moments notice, suddenly a situation has cast “its” spell over me.  I load up the narrative, going up or down with the interpretation I am now following.  Overall, this phenomenon can be labeled many things like personal growth; transformation; spiritual identity; higher self, and other such descriptions—-when I understand the formula of narration I’ve scummed to. Now the awareness position seems inherently wise, or risen above ignorance and denial.  We can determine we are more in the presence of honest truth, instead of self serving varieties of what are actually opinion; these will disavow honest questioning—-of the self.

When I, or we, take on the negative assumption, it may make us quite passionate, or at times even depressed, but it likely is not truly pursing objective evidence in any solid way, be it over personal feelings or projected out political ones.  This seems to be a major issue we humans juggle with daily.  We may build strategies to “put it away” if this teeter tauter emotional pivot is found uncomfortable, destructive, or requiring a life with too much ambiguity for me to emotionally or spiritually handle. The self medication may then become denial; the prescription given to me in instituted ignorance; politically, and or spiritually/emotionally. Ignorance is instituted when objective questioning is denied access.

But for some of us, for whatever reason, and the universe does operate on reason, no matter how irrational anyone or thing seems; some of us wish to pile up the negative to permanent heights in consciousness.  The question, faced or not becomes; Am I actually respecting reality as it really is, or do I not know if I or someone is not actually only making things up?  Can I confidently question myself while feeling safe in finding problematic zones and addressing them?  In the world; Do I allow others this same self respect; true in me for I extend it honestly to them?

This is why evil is in the hands of ignorance, and not actually true intentions of an honest life, no matter who we are or what we think.