Apocalypse Whenever : The Armageddon Spirit of Destruction

I mean to say;  Armageddon Whenever, but am playing off the idea of Apocalypse Now, the book and movie title.

The eventual end of the world, recognized by science as likely induced by the evolution of our sun, seems not the one many Abrahamic religious folks seem sure in breathing fire and brimstone down our necks, seemingly, since the idea was conceived.  That apocalypse conception, itself, has evolved over the ages; from seemingly a valley back in the Biblical era sounding somewhat like Armageddon, to the whole planet now in some others interpretation of Biblical era.

It seems that the apocalypse whenever people, see we humans problematic relationship issues as the reason for God delivering an apocalypse right around the present day corner.  The threats to the planet from pollution and other societal and environmental ignorance (or arrogance) are not what they mean.  They look for what one might conceive as God-like signs, what we define as nature based (God) threats to humanity. Every earthquake, drought, or other relative moment earth anomaly, becomes the signs of destruction.  They are looking for a promised punishment of a sorts, and using that fear of ultimate consequence, as a motive to be pure about spiritual matters.  Not necessarily actually pure, but pure as described by some leaders of church, and their moral values worth ideologies.  The projected spiritual groups emotionalized Zeitgeist.

At the change of millennium date at the year of 2000 (then 2001 in some minds, then usually some right up and coming next date), God was apparently set on getting even with the sinners or otherwise unfaithful. You just wait and see; may be the outward warning to apparent nonbelievers.  To believers, the publicity they generate towards humankind is meant to change behavior by suggesting immanent threat of enduring pain and deprivation, if you do not conform.  This is a negative based ideology; I am not to change my behavior because I am actually wiser, or actually enlightened as to the nature of my actions, I am changing because otherwise I will be tortured and tormented, perhaps forever.  Primitive defense mechanisms.

Gods breaking point comes when this final line is drawn on human sand; God will not show love for me nicely if I displease God; behavior equals punishment now or later, for it seems no excuse or explanation will be relevant.  God seems in a mechanical dialectic of punishment, or love, but we seem to conclude this will be balanced out in the future, the very near future, but soon now or maybe after my death.  Either way, it is stretched out ahead in our minds. We do not seemingly notice or believe that our good or bad behaviors are instantly judged, in effect, by ourselves.

Why if I wear a mask and rob you, you have lost and I have gained.  Only some theoretical God stands in possible judgement.  At least this is about as far as some thieves may think.  It seems straight forward in material appearance. We seem to believe it is true that others surly do seem to be “getting away” with something, be it trespass, murder or exploitation. So if the Universe is good or just, things will be balanced, if not now, then surely later.  And so a future time of reckoning is imagined, Bible true or not, for we are the ones imagining what it will be by our own sense of definition.

This open-ended threat does produce an extended circular reasoning merely based on continued existence—the end is always near, year, after year, after year, after year, after decade, after millennial. And we each eventually realize our death, even if illness and aging are “solved”, will likely reach us one day, a seeming day of reckoning. It does not matter about the facts on the real ground, we have evolved into a mental issue issuing from continuing problematic human relationship issues. The permanent apocalypse is when?  —-Ever right next to now.

The “facts” will seem obvious to the ideological presumption, and so the religions believing in a global day of reckoning, believing the Bible called this a truth, never fully consider the very old origins of their own religious ideas.  Their beliefs are strung out on the impressions and assumptions of the present day:  That their own religion evolved out of preexisting ideas; pagan, including pantheistic which can include their own monotheistic traditions of a Prime Spirit or Mover, must be ignored or explained away.

If I declare I am following the one and only God, the fully omniscient One, then by association, I am on the side of right and Truth—–in my mind as defined by others.  Something Absolute is granting me a kind of absolute authority, in my mind.  When ordained in public, so sure of the infallibility behind me; Do I question the roots of my religion and how they have been pruned?  Do I see the human intervention in the Gospels deleted and those accepted, that bent spiritual iconography a certain way to support hierarchy over refined states of consciousness?  Do I care or care more of believing what I believe cannot be wrong?

To think you know the Truth, does seem to involve one excluding many other different conceptions of knowing.  Perhaps perception must be narrowed, because ambiguity and varying nuance do not suit the absolutest ideological clarity that these kinds of conservative orthodoxies require to “know”, or imagine they know, what they are talking about.  Delusion, illusion and even mistakes, can seem completely real, as real as you and I ourselves.  Lacking permission to question ourselves to the core, may mean we are refusing to know who we are and what Life around us really is.  That we are living in exclusion ideology is an absolute certainty.

To accept the apocalypse whenever mentality, is likely to accept a resigned completion of the self; I am committed to knowing the end for all is near, so I surrender to what I a told, yes, what I am told, God is.  All I know is that God is Perfect and I am on Gods side, so God should favor me. I do not need to strive for earthy achievements any longer, really.  This circular reasoning would likely produce a kind of release from the problematic vice grip so many of us perceived humankind is being continually held in.—I can be self assured of my cosmological place in a spiritual life.  You guys go ahead with all those evil narcissistic ways you have, I’m going to be good; according to the ideological matrix being manufactured from fellow believers around a group defined idea of “saved” consciousness.  Exclusion from the vice grip of eternal damnation? Absolute surrender to the conceptualized ideology; as I imagine it.

Come the apocalypse, I will be spared, for I am supporting the Perfect One we have all agreed upon, with supporting Biblical reference, while the rest of you will get what you have coming.  I wish you did not, I love and feel for you, but l, and a small number of others will actually be saved. As one apocalypse whenever person put it; ‘I am supposed to pray for peace, the Bible tells me to.  But I do not believe it may do any good with the end being near.’ God Loves us, Loves you too, but you rejected it. What can I say? One way we see it, an unspoken way that is, is God terrorizing you and I, the sinners, with everlasting damnation, a pain or pleasure reaction narrative as primitive as bacteria motive.  Sorry.  I do not wright the rules.   Heaven is not a democracy.

What these people, who feel they are true believers do not know, and do not try to know what they really know, is that the cultural paradigm being created in their own consciousness is floating on a planet spun of ideas.  For instance; they are not checking why the Bible was censored of its self empowering Gospels about a millennium ago, by those who would rather have hierarchical notions dominate in culture.  Any deep questions as to the fundamental construction of the holy book and books deemed relevant, are pre–condemned by a long history of rationalization.  One thing conservative orthodoxies always have as a wedge against their own followers knowing their own thoughts; questioning the orthodoxy is itself seen as the work of evil.  Problem, for many, solved.

But if God, or Creation, is naturally intrinsic to the self, the relationship to this Prime Self would likely, in my view, be immediate.  Evangelicals and many other religious folks, seem to have many contradictory issues about how involved God is in their own thinking, or how simply belief based this God is.  How big God is; as in, is God a part of everything, or is God just a “Spiritual Being” a metaphysical Entity that is in someway involved in our lives, then come death, draws a line to determine if you knew the right stuff and acted accordingly.

That this Spiritual Entity then seems to pronounce that you are suitable for eternal damnation, would seem to be true for my mentioned “unknowings” of our fellow humans.  Interesting indeed.  Not that it determines God is a megalomaniac dictator that flourished on seeing Its creatures tormented eternally by God.  This actually says a whole lot about the kinds of minds that would be following such a disturbed Being.  Being that this vengeful God seems to have about the same philosophical/emotional imperatives as a psychopathic criminal.  Not the followers problem?

Were you following the right One God?  Were you an honest person, or do you have a few questions about a couple moments in your life, especially how you felt about it then, or of an-others life?  How will this penultimate lie detector test play out?  We do not seem to ask ourselves of the arbitrariness of much of this; like I got an extreme-unction just in the nick of time; or at the last moment I was sorry and asked for forgiveness; or, If only I knew this was really true I would have acted differently—–kinda the no atheist in foxholes implication.  This negative referenced God will reproduce negative assumption into followers consciousness; because the Universe is ultimately rational—-behavior, as action, occurs for reason.  Consciousness is self sufficient in perception; it tends to see what it believes in.  This may be a means to discovery, but not a guarantee of Truth.

And here is why; after the dust of disaster has settled; when the rains return; when survival is again insured, what insured it in this dangerous interim was; Love.  It is so simple, it can be missed like the nose on my face.  It can be ignored like the earth under my feet. It can seem invisible, like the air my car breathes into, or my fingers pass through while typing this to you, but we discover, often to our own humbled humiliation and then bliss; that are ego’s were blocking Loves Light all along.  This is why I insisted it was not there.

To love unconditionally, is to know Love.   To be true to knowing my love is aligned with Love, is the human challenge.  Here is where soul and Spirit are known as One, or imagined.  The proof of this is not in my beliefs, but in my awareness of Love’s domain.