SciFi Channel Taken Over By Aliens: Now Syfy Channel

Friction Fiction

The SciFi Channel has been declared vanished.  Replacing it is the Syfy Channel.  Why? Y not?

It’s all about the y.

Syfy evidently was determined to be more cool.  Now it has entered the ranks of four letter words, but the hip nice kind, like nice, love or like, but not hate and other bad ones, although ones is kinda neutral.

Y is an ambiguous letter that can change its sound, in a sound shape shifting sort of way.  In short; it is the synce friction letter.  The minor y dangles to the left, as if it is going other places down the sentence, perhaps warping spacetime. That makes it a cutting edge letter, one not satisfied with just hanging around where it is, all stuffed up with status quo and all.  No! y is on the move.

In grammar school, I remember that vowels were A,E,I,O,U, and sometimes Y.  Sometimes Y! Y apparently has a mind of its own.  That should have been the first clue that it was not normal and could be suspect as an alien implant.  Well, that and maybe that clicking sound some ancient languages used.


By slimming SciFi down, the Syfy is more amble and able to be trademarked as one of a kind.  Going places where SciFi would have never gone before, is now as simple as py.  Wherever SciFi was, must now at least have the ciFi removed for the more petite, but surely fantasy geek awesome Syfy.  This will help create more jobs, quite possibly pulling the US out of its economic tar-pit, thus saving the home planet and the future of humanity as a space faring civilization.  We will survive the red giant attack!!!

Will this alien Syfy Channel still be populated by mostly 30 somethings with clear skin and eyes like dear in the headlights on most shows?  Surly not!  Imagine Greater my alien buds pods!  It will have old science fiction, where thin bearded men and women still debate whether the earth is flat and the center of the Universe.  What do you mean some folks still do?  Well lets put them on too, they qualify as aliens, I’m sure.

The new old science fiction channel will still see its plumbers chasing hair clods and ghost with only one night to spare.  Stargates will likely continue dialing up wrong numbers, or having aliens hack their way to our home planet.  Their vast superiority, defeated by the good luck and good looks of Stargate crews.  Only now one of the crew might wear an eye patch or something.

I await some curious shows; like one of aliens figuring out their alien lives on some alien world of their alien making.  Skip the always better humans, with their wiser that you ways.  How about a space based one, or inter-dimensional, where the aliens take we earthlings under their wings.  Babylon 5ish, only they look at us as goofy little daring darling kids with some maturing to do.  Now we could prance around in awe and wonder, but without all our usual hubris and earth-centric arrogance, as we watch in glee as the aliens use their cool toys and tricks.

Can I have some!


Wait.  This will be interesting to see. I’ll let you try it.  OK!  That’s enough! Maybe when you grow up a bit.

Note to selves; Do not!  I repeat; Do not allow humans to use consciousness exchange!

Awe!  Shucks!

Show canceled.

Time will tell whether loosing a letter proves to be an indicator of greater imagination or mere demographics.  For if you watch the old Twilight Zone episodes on Syfy, you will notice how little; pretty faces, fancy graphics, nor name changes can substitute for great storytelling.

Imagine Greater?  Imagine Greater Storytelling—-

You are still one of my favorite channels, whoever you are…

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