Walter Cronkite Has Died

America lost one of its great journalist today.  They do not make them like him anymore.

They only made one.

I hope that looking into his life might inspire other journalist to get back to open-minded news.  So often today, we get news delivering shows, where facts in context are passe.  It would seem our news outlets believe we require entertainment/infotainment “news”, constructed of hyperbole and shock the numb excitement value. The emerging face of corporatist culture; managed news, managed democracy, and a managed populace.

No.  I am obviously not a real journalist.

Journalist Walter Cronkite dies at 92‎ –

21 minutes ago

By Peter Freed, USA TODAY By Gary Strauss and Peter Johnson, USA TODAY From Baby Boomers to the Greatest Generation, journalist Walter Cronkite will be

2 thoughts on “Walter Cronkite Has Died

  1. Cronkite seemed to have that confident attitude of early TV. They spoke to one audience; the American people, the world, all who will listen.

    It was as if he had to include an overview of containment in his style over profound events. It lend him an aura of trust, I trusted he was not selling the news per se, but delivering it.

    It seems he is faulted for his Vietnam war visit, where he declared the war was seeming to be mired down. That was considered not true objective journalism. An odd thing, since it seems his words were all too true.

    When one reads the news to an audience, merely the act of highlighting words and accenting ideas can render what may not be objective already, into an even more altered perception.

    For me; Cronkite had many imitators, but few actual peers, though many seem to believe they are. As far as I know, he remained involved with the turning of the world, likely even while sailing at sea. A renaissance newsman.

  2. I saw that Walter Cronkite had died on the news. I have forgotten a lot of childhood memories, but the flashbacks of him in black-and-white, his quiet confidence, brought me back to sitting on the floor, my father’s father in a nearby chair, solemnly taking in the news reports. Even as a child, I knew Mr. Cronkite could be counted on somehow. How I miss that calm, certain commitment to reporting the news in such a way that we understood it and its ramifications.

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