Maybe Arizona Could Sell McCain and Kyl for Big Bucks?

-As an Arizonan, I’d be thrilled to sell off Senator Kyl and McCain, if they seem to be too proud to have Fed money in their state, being it seems against their philosophy and all.  I know they claim to be for ‘The American People’, or ‘The People of Arizona’ but with their convoluted conservative ideologies, that really means big property holders and others of major influence:  The usual suspects who love using the public commons for their own benefit.  I mean, The People’s.

Arguing from some moral high ground, from the right, has become an exercise in hypocrisy, do as I say and not as I hide behind your back. This seems to leave the greed is good for moral character (success) rationalizations about all they have these days.  Well, there is the dysfunctional dystopian America that Sarah Palin spoons about, where whatever feels good to say to the imagined crowd is the good policy of the moment.  Yet the Sarah Palin show remains popular with the negative programmed crowd, who only need know that liberalism is a bad thing producing all other bad things.  Democracy and a liberal press are such a pesky inconvenience.

When Governor Janet Napolitano went into the Obama administration, we in Arizona were left with a non elected Republican Governor instead.  Luckily, many governors live in the real world in real states, and want the stimulus/recovery investment. These seem not eager to play an ideological card game when their citizens jobs and lives are at stake.  Of course, there are certain governors, at least one Republican one, who wanted his pure ideologue points stamped on his secession card ID.  Proof of high principles at work and on camera.

We the public, are conditioned to most politicians shilling for their particular interest groups. They are all alike; is the common application of cynicism and apathy. So why vote?

That is the Democracy difference; We The People, are to be the ones with the actual say.  Politicians are to be our representatives.  Once elected these days, ideological card holding now turns a def ear to those who think differently. For those “loyal” to hired campaign selling points, the rest of us just don’t matter.  We citizens becomes the other guys collateral damage.

Our politics has become a pandering down system, a how to get elected job, where a candidate need only recite “the list” of talking points, rendering Democracy up for sale.  Well?  Are our elected officials only for me, or are they for us all?   We are deciding actually, whether we know it or not.  Do I really want my elected officials only to represent those who voted for them?  If so, It is I who am undermining Democracy.

As We The People are influenced by the need of our Representatives to claim to be only for me, the disintegration of Democracy seems inculcated into the equation; I do not expect a common good; I do not expect a common cause; I do not expect an indivisible union, except if you all think just like me.  Instead; I am looking only for what someone will do for me; a return on my vote.  Voting becomes an investment instead of a civic responsibility.

But what are a citizens true responsibilities?  To buy the politician for hire paradigm, or think a little about the greater We The People? The nature of Democracy, as of religion or other ideology, can be altered even while keeping the words the same.  Ultimately it is up to me to see through the distortions or be unwittingly distorted while claiming the high ground of abstraction.  Lobbyist can argue from the freedom card, or most any of our grand abstractions, in a 360 degree circle, until the public is so dizzy we do not see which freedom is greater or lesser.

We are getting what our intention, and our awareness, as well as our ignorance are asking for.  My ignorance is a tough one, for without me knowing it, what I do not know can become a politicians most precious commodity. Behind the public back door, out in a back alley, power brokers can auction off my ignorance for ideological theory sold as an abstract truth. That is the power of a citizenry kept in the dark, off our radars is the place to deceive and not get caught.

Democracy is caught in this leg trap of manipulation.  Information and knowledge can lead to understanding, while truncating them subjects understanding to reversion. A seemingly inevitable plight in the lack of journalistic integrity bound to competition corporate media. The citizen is left holding the bag of problematic consequence.  Ah. A whole new problem to exploit for the insiders in the political game of getting votes as permission slips for hire.  Who can I play against who next?  Roll out the wedge issues!

We each pay the price of our me first separation, taking Democracy down with us.  This may well be why the last president called the US Constitution nothing but a ‘Gd piece of paper.’  Its money that counts in the end in many of Democracy’s leaders minds.  And so, if Senator Kyl and McCain find their ideological bent the reason to deny stimulus money in my name.  Why.  I would like to sell off these two Senators and get some useful ones.

A penny. Anyone got a penny. Used senators for sale.  Where is that Blagovitch guy when you need him?

It’s not for me, its for Arizona.


Senators for sale.  Low bids welcome.

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