Opportunism’s Law of Self Validation, or; I’m OK With Me Gaining

{This post is a consideration on how we use our own energy, or live Life, and perhaps use others for our own accumulative gain, of their energy into our own.  This is often unconscious, as in economic and personal relationships.  As most always, I will also consider metaphysical and spiritual implication. This may mean some will find those highly presumptive from their point of perception.}

Opportunism’s Law of Self Validation

For most of us, others taking advantage of us or our situations can be noted a negative;  we may feel we are being used while at a disadvantage, an exploitative position.  We taking advantage of others the same way, essentially, may be an entirely different matter; I’m winning!  A plus! Ca-ching!  How lucky am I! About time I came out ahead! Thank You God! Now I’m going places!  That’s how its done! My ship has come in!  Feels good to come out ahead!  The gods must be smiling on me!

We might say these sort of good for me expressions on other occasions, when something non-exploitative is going on, certainly.  That is possibly when they are said or felt the most, yet, from movies to commercials, when the economy or some other factor is leveraged positively into my position relative to others, I could easily see things this sun-shining on me way and not notice anything amiss about it.  In fact, we seem to have been inculcated, or indoctrinated, to favor “getting ahead” as if it were an honest life progression in and of itself, a worthy goal toward a life’s success.  Getting ahead, moving-up, succeeding for ones evident plus result; these things enter a world of abstraction.

These quantitative pluses can be emotionally (spiritually) leveraged to pad oneself on the back by their material and situational result.  This can result in the creation of what I will call a “soul canyon”, an identity where my good intentions and opinions of myself are confirmed by a world that offers clear event pluses for me.  It is a canyon, for the inner connectivity of Life, is on some levels eroded away.

This is what opportunism will do to each and everyone of us.  The “karma” is effectively instant, while the self opinion can endure into the void of identity left by disconnection consciousness, or alienation.  The pluses, the material or status gains will also appear to endure, but these have become vestiges of true identity.  These have washed their full substance out into unconscious seas.  I can become results oriented as far as “gaining” from Life.  The ignorance of what of my deep core is being washed out to sea in this, will tend to be discounted or ignored, for heaven, by result definition, does seem to be smiling at me.  Evidence to put into my obvious plus column.

Why Do I Assert That Good Things Can Be In Some Manner Destructive?

The trouble with such a good results for me ideology is; It does not honestly consider the ramifications of individual action extrapolated out into the commons—the universe of life and being.  This can include our friends or strangers on the other side of the globe.  And this fact has grave consequence for the human experience, both environmentally, and obviously, spiritually.

The addictive trouble with gaining is; the world allows me to pamper myself if only I follow the good for me rules.  How cool is that!  I barter my life on gambling and gaming a system of self promotion for results. And in this is powerful motivation for instituting cognitive dissonant diverting rationalization; Don’t tell me of my social and environmental impacts.  Let each wrestle with their own consciousness and mind your own business. Alienation psychology, done.  Spiritual soul canyon, excavated.  Identity wed to results regarding need based consumer identity.  That such an identity may lead to the destruction of earths ecosystems and just human relationship?  A bother to even consider.

Yet to those of us looking at our accumulate life’s mass of gains and their accomplishments anointing us, we my see self worship and its artifice of decoration and winning facade, as Gods or Life’s gratitude incarnate. The deep Love of being, which most of humanity is born with, seemingly twist itself through our assumptions into ones own shell of experience.  It is mostly, then, all about me.  I then seem most important, and all the while, to Life I may have substantially become most distant.

This ego identity, who I think I am, can be adorned with self promotion, even spiritual self validation.  I can claim God has bestowed more on me because I am more, or at least deserving of more.  This is an essential disassociation to Life, yet in the modem worlds individualism parade, where our displays seem to b what we worship, it can be success personified.  It can be even called divine grace; the will of God smiling upon my character’s hard effort and noble deeds.

One need not look far into advertising and many religious conceptions (“prosperity Christianity” for instance), to decipher this code of self validation by cosmic advantage.  I am lucky.  God has granted me this, so I will posses it.  That this all has turned one, not into a creature of universal connection, but into one of personal possession and assumed merit, ever seeking self validation, is keep off the conscious radar.  The endemic fatal flaw of materialism as self promotion, seems the last thing we can be interested in investigating, yet this accumulated success of individualism is wreaking havoc on environmental and social systems, none of which can bare the ignorance indefinitely.

These self possessed individualism societies, that use environmental cues to provide evidence of success, will “naturally” opposes connective consciousness.  Things, or manifestations, such as unconditional Love, these things of immersive “Big Life” Being, will seem alien contraptions, even idealistic Utopian fantasy.  A deep unwholesomeness (apparent contradiction in knowing) will be assumed toward that which interconnects Life, as if it were a ploy to “get ones stuff”.  This will show up with affirmations repeated over alienation and otherness, itself a mechanical ploy that “allows” an individual to ignore the heart/emotional issues of those not like themselves.  We can expect that many of us will, not only deny our impacts on others or earth systems, but blame those who point them out to us—we are avoiding knowing.  We have a fantasy self to defend from reality then.  We are in effect; leading by our ignorance and not our wisdom. This invites an eagerness towards darkness; misunderstanding and distrust.  Yet it seems aspects of the modern consumer society’s must ignore consequence and find others to blame for bringing it up.

It is not surprising at all, to hear those who deny air or water pollution and their universal consequences, instead deferring to the individualism paradigm and success. Why they are for success and achievement, including getting ahead of course, so some other unhappy camper is complaining for their own lack of self fulfillment. The negative aspects of the individuals behavior upon the collective environments, then, can seem to be caused by the weak or envious who do not want to do what it takes to succeed, or a symbolic guilt promoting liberal media with its agenda’s. This stimulates cognitive dissonance avoidance propaganda campaigns that are created to assuage consciousness from actually accepting its universal mandate to be fully accountable.  Human beings actually desire to live in a true world and not one that is a lie, but collectively understanding what this is is highly problematic for many of the above reasons.

This may indicate why many are attacking science in the name of holy cause; that the souls canyon not be filled in with their own missing substance, but instead, denying the canyon ever was, by deferring to a supreme authority to sanctify opportunism over any larger sense of full connectivity and responsibility.  The evidence of God or Life blessing me, is with stuff, and for some possibly, how much family and friends they seem to have as extrinsic self affirmation.

A Universal Context Is Self Evident

We human beings are born into a universal platform called Life. We are energy.  We experience energy as it occurs in relationship to spacetime.  May sound like pseudo-scientific physics speak, but is relevant in its simplicity.  In general, we have exactly the same needs and requirements for existence as unknown others. We function in vibrationally coherent ways.

These are tweaked in perception by our cultural and other hereditary background, including the sex one happens to be, but the fundamentals are in essence identical.  The context we each are born into, the net of relationships, can very widely between economic privilege relative to others, to individualistic ideals of more communal conceptions of the self, and other identified “belongings” that I might presume I am identified with.  We even act out as if mathematical formulas were proving themselves.  We each look for logical consistency, for we are ever searching for proof of our subjective truths reality.

On top of the above situational advantages, or not, that one may be born into, other extenuating definitional context can alter the self lens even more; education, role modeling, peer pressure, sibling relationships, societal perspectives.  All these and more can come to “tell” me what Life seems to be about, and where I might fit in to seem to have my life.  Once on this well paved road of confident attachments, where or whenever do I possess the authority to change direction?  If I am in the dark metaphorically speaking, who or what permits me to seek light?  Is my lifes energy mine?  Do I decide its fate, or can others take what they can “get away with”?

Every human is vulnerable, no matter the muscles or the tough act, in fact, these hard projections of self tend to define the most insecure of our identities, threatened by material challenge, and so, spiritually/emotionally hurt.  We also find that confrontational bluster does produce material change one can believe in; it is advantageous, and so, right–a reward follows.  The bully may be actually an existing harmed bullied young heart afraid that love is forever withdrawn, but the aggression produces someones lunch money, a reward (as if love) for taking a risk and going for it.  Yet what was actually the risk? and what was actually received?  How and why am I getting what I want, or not seeming to receive what I want?  Do I know the ramifications that will be intrinsic to what I want?  Then, do I truly have a good view on why I want situations or things?  Where and by what authority does my knowing issue from?

Conscious or Not; Responsible or not; Accountable or not? Alive or a recording? Unconditional Love or not?

A reviewed life has been said to be the life worth living, but how and why it is reviewed is of paramount importance.  Whether I strive to use my energy to promote myself or to work toward greater harmony through understanding, is critically important for “making the most of ones life”.  It is abundantly evident that many, if not most, of us suffer from abandonment anxiety. We seem to be seeking connection and societal comforts, and seem to know we are not unconditionally loved by Life, and especially God (Life, and, or, the Cosmos).   Religion tells many of us that God is totally conditional, and that you will be judged by how much or how well you have followed the religious programming.  So where is this unconditional Love and this connected Life that I speak of?

It is just you where it resides.  Just me. And where every real thing is. It is in illusion where we debate its existence. It is in ignorance where we confidently take sides.  It is the Big Challenge of Life; to see through appearances to the deeper essence.  This can be an eternal joy rather than the battle for belief.  It can be a Universal Ground instead of an empty chasm between us. It is the difference between Being and believing.  In one the self is connected and integral.  The other; yearning and in doubt.  It is knowing, or else always waiting on a bit more evidence to confirm or dissuade doubt.

This difference is monumental.  I can look yearningly across my soul canyon, as at the Grand Canyon.  I see the other side, but I do not seem to be it, to be there.  Yet in substantial and in deep ways, I am.  It is recognizing the connective essence and the alienation revealed grandiosity, where deep inside another kind of grandeur resides awaiting recognition.  Not explanation or self validation, not a world of goodies and a list of accomplishments; but recognition.  The vast and overwhelming awe one can see and feel at The Grand Canyon, is fundamentally existing under all earth.  We see across the story of spacetime, where energy reveals the inner and outer nature of existence.

More than One Self

With this view in mind, God, or Universal Love, or whatever one conceives of as the oceanic connectivity of the self with Creation never goes away. It is there in you and in me.  We can get lost within ourselves and our subjective self definitions, yet still, existence is with and through us completely, unconditionally, except where I, for whatever reason, chose not to comprehend it.

There are simultaneously the manifestations of two selves, one relative to conditions and another in union with energy’s motion.  These are not by necessity mutually exclusive nor contradictory.  When these two aspects are effectively vibrating in harmony, we can be more than we seem to know.

(I had intended this piece to be one thing but it quickly took on  a life of its own, s I went with it.  Please excuse the various tags in it.  They may relate to this issue but I do not focus on some of them specifically.  I may do that more completely if I turn this into a blog page.)