In A Parallel Universe President Pelosi Succeeds President Palin

In A Parallel Universe


President Pelosi




President Palin!

Three-colour far-infrared image of M51, the 'whirlpool galaxy'.

Extra! Extra! Dimensional Extra!

Today we were stunned by the incredible sequence of events; First president John McCain stepped down from the presidency for an unexpected illness.  Palin was sworn in but soon found the job too taxing, saying ; “I do not like this at all.  It is not what I expected.  I wanted everyone to like me but it quickly became apparent that there are far too many pundits and bloggers who say bad things, so I’m out of here!”

Upon being asked why she quit, Sarah said: “I’m not quitter, that is what liberals do.  You do not understand that this is about Democracy, about the American people.  The media never gets it.  But the American people do, I have faith in them and they in me.  They know that if you try on a dress and it does not fit, you take it back.  Taking something back is not quitting.  It is simply doing what is right.  You medias just can not understand that!”

I guess no-one can argue with that?

Not when you make things up!
Fake news is  always right?

Works for Foxed News

And so we bid a big hello to President Nancy Pelosi.

So it went in  parallel universe 385639237 today, July 5, 2009ish

Back to your universe—

Video Dog’s Palin Interview on link below-