Palin: Master of The Art of Talking To Oneself in a Vacuum

Note to Sarah Palin;  Most of US are so over You.  That liberal media just doesn’t get it.

(Oops!  I just fell prey to my own criticism!)

I heard a friend playing Palins speech, and it just drove me backwards into my Homo Erectus roots; the myopic mindset necessary to see that blur of reasoning as being the way things actually are.  The dialectic of coherent objective reason has come a long way, but some refuse to evolve.  And sorry to say, I am one at times. I’m still waiting for shoes to be invented.

But for Palin, her circular logic tumbleweed seems to have become a staple on the arrogant but not ripe from waiting right wing.  Around and around; whine, blame, whine, blame, point, then platitudes and public pandering.  The persecution complex is on.   The answer?  Faith in my words.  No! Not yours! Mine! Well, that’s what you say.

I could almost hear the same words of Palin’s gone from governorship explanation speech recently, coming from Rush Limbaugh, the same convoluted and conjoined contraptions; where imagination and conjecture meet as truth revealed in ideological Nirvana; the twitching rationalizations, the tortured logic, the altered meaning of words to feign legitimate context, the allegations toward invisible others (for some a Pelosi usually works as iconic stand in for Satan) who seem to be all aligned against we good folks being used.  And likely sentences as long as this DNA chain.

I am astonished to hear these very ideas about rampant government (Now!) that could have been applied equally to the last administration which was rampant in expansion and abandoned responsibility.  Nothing like darts one is actually allowed to throw.  Now there is independence!

Note to citizens; A nation is a public endeavor, requiring defense, maintenance and care for the common good.  There is no automatic pilot!  It is our collective house; you do not ignore plumbing issues, fire issues, roof leaking issues, hungry children, and especially the issues of your very foundation—The People and the Social Contract Imperative.

And a BIG NO.  Capitalism is not God, not the answer to all things big and small, the economy is not intended to be The Divine Thing in a democracy, or it will surely perish.  The will of all is the context of a union.  Not just the will of the wealthy and well connected, or their propaganda publicist in the (Oh how strange)—Big business news shows and information platforms.

Sorry to Prosperity Christians cajoled by materialism, or by “conservative Christianity sects” into being, ah, anti Christian.  But God wants you to be well off, to be rolling in abundance!  Damn those environmentalist Luddite Naysayers, with their fake science and lack of faith in what we believe!  Your problems in income come from them!  Get them!  The poor and the sick are being punished by God!  Hands off!


One thing seems quite clear; if the every gripe fix by ideology promise train running full force on the right rail was contingent upon dominating something other than the professed mysterious alien menace of liberalism (now called socialism/fascism on the right’s emotional precipice), one would be shocked.  Conservatives talking of their own accountability’s and responsibilities to democracies Whole?; Reflecting on their own lack of omniscience and abundant guile?  Now that would be real news.

Don’t wait on its delivery through whomsoever’s media anytime soon. We can count on the right’s reactionaries for this; we’d be right back in the hole they started digging for us, only more waste would be pouring into it.  The suction vacuum is created by democracies facile citizenry.

Ah.  Nothen’ like a good speech to rev us up into someones column.  Hello Obama?  Paid any attention to the non wealthy and already well provided for lately, other than symbolic, ‘I’m on you side.  No Really!’ ?  A nation that worships from its top down is nothing more than a glorified American Idol Oligarchy, where the rich and well connected to authority herd us along like the faithful sheep we seem to be.

‘What happened to this country?’ Us.  We happened to this country.

I heard some Christian leaders are praying for Governor Sanford to ‘Stop Talking’.  How about a word for Governor Palin?  Let us all pray if we wish for our country; that we value more than good words.  I’d suggest praying that our politicians and propagandist did not persecute their personal demons out upon the citizens Commons.

I’m shutting up now.  I’ll leave with a photo I took from a room at home today, well, yesterday now, storms would not let me post.


…it seems for a while at least, that horses are free…Wait.  That is a nice idea out here on the open range, but horses mostly travel together and look out for one another.  Part of freedom?  Why not?  And who exactly is the one behind bars here?

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