National Blog Posting Month Rules and Regualtions?

Oh yeah.  NaBloPoMo09

First, as in this post, whether you like it, want to or not, just post onto the great and powerful WEB once a day as in a daily vitamin.

Nothing to say?  When did that stop me?  No one reading your post?  Who cares?  This is all about you; getting you into the posting habit.  Wait!  It’s 11:45 at night and I haven’t blogged yet! I’ve got to go post something right now or life as I know it will…?  Well who knows.  I’m not going to find out. Before you know it your blog will look like a calendar of your life, where you can see what you were doing with 20/10 hindsight, as long as you have computer and Internet access.  This enables you to go into the past and discover who you actually are!

You can data mine your own life; Hum? That’s what I was thinking at 5pm 3 weeks ago.  Who knew? This raises the possibility of us remembering all we forgot, even the stuff we wish to keep behind us.  Now anyone can search our past at the push of a button.


The overall object of National Blog Posting month is not for “Big Brother” to get a good idea  of what you and I are all about.  No. Don’t be silly.  It is about Space Aliens getting to know what you and I are all about, of course.  That goes without saying, but in National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo09, you can say it every day!

NaBloPoMo09 is all about making blogging more like Twitter

Who needs Twitter, whatever that is, when your very own blog is full of multiple Tweets, a nest of abandoned thoughts that follow me like something form the past that refuses to die.  And that’s the real point.

One day this blog will just stop, unless WordPress ends up with a program for data mining past post and coming up with new ones that seem like me.  Scary, but probably not hard to do.

Now I’m beginning to wonder about this post.  It seems like me but something is a little off.

Ah! That confirms it!

It’s me. It s not you, its me.

Algorithm Benafia out.  Next days post automatically generated.