Congratulations Rush Limbaugh Winner Biggest Liberal Award!

For his compassionate, empathetic, and most sensitive vicarious rationalization of South Carolina’s Governor Sanford’s abandonment of his State for love, and because of Barack Obama, I award this right wing radio host The Worlds Biggest Liberal Award.

—Congratulations Rush Limbaugh—;

Winner Biggest Liberal Award!

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The rationalizations usually flowing forth from Mr. Limbaugh have long demonstrated the most liberal use of imagined reason and of cause and effect, validating my impression that many a right winger are actually hyper-liberal in deed.  By placing the claimed ideological loyalty stranglehold these folks labor under to the side, we can see their actual modus operandi, the functioning character behind their words.  Here then, appears in many a “conservative”, the liberal use of assumptive connection, of self projection, of ad-hominem suggestion, of peer pressure conformity, and effectively, of a wildly liberal definition of reason itself.

Upon the incidence of Rush Limbaugh’s caring explanation of the obvious good reason for Governor Sanford’s supposed offence, that is was indeed understandable and supportable by the likes of Mr Limbaugh, for with the USA crumbling around us we can throw caution to the wind, including the state and nation, to have our lusted for good time.  A great big liberal why not?  Who needs principle when fun and games are calling?

Through this most liberal imagination stalking the mind of Mr Limbaugh, we can see how crime, drug abuse, and other societal offenses can be understood, and so, presumably, forgiven for the power of their logic over the situation of their times.  For governor Sanford, according to Rush Limbaugh’s definition of justification; Someone else made me do it; –Obama.  Pure Liberalism.  Pure Projection. Pure Limbaugh.

For his seemingly endless triads over how other folks make one act and think the way they do, the veil is lifted from the conservative icon of dysreason.  Although this radio personality and his listeners may be seduced by the surface identities of the subjects they consider, below the surface flows a subtext stream of most liberal association and conclusion.  A convolution well done!

Rush Limbaugh; rationalist extraordinaire, compassionate promoter of empathy, diveter of responsibility extreme, most liberal fellow on earth.

{Rush made me give him this award.}

Whether it is Gov Blagojevitch, Gov Sanford, or Mr Limbaugh, we can see that personality and skill at rationalization can overwhelm those not “gifted” with the ability to “prove” their thoughts by their words.  In other words; my relative ignorance and lack of social manipulation awareness can leave me a dumbfounded follower of dysreason, thinking it makes perfect sense because someone said it so very well, or passionately.  This is why I must at least attempt to think straight for myself on most all matters, for the nature of intention with intellectual and emotional propaganda, is to be unseen by the receiver.

Yes to those who may notice it,  my post here is also, as is most communication, an attempt to direct others awareness to my perception. It is not faith or trust that betrays us, but our own lack of will or ability in insight.