The Political Right And The New Turnip Truck

The Political Right And The New Turnip Truck

Observing the quest for truth being presented from the conservative right wing is quite like being yelled at in the middle of the night to not look at the sun.  The one shouting pointing at the moon, veins rising in the neck while pasting on a calm face; Don’t look at the sun!  It will blind you!  Be afraid!  Be very afraid!

Now it seems patently disingenuous to use hypotheticals and imaginary imagery, as I have just done, to point out contradictions in politics; they simply are not the facts on the ground.  So why is it that, as I have done here, conservative right wingers are doing this kind of false analogy, convoluted metaphor, and irrelevant context seemingly no stop?  Where is this strategy headed and to who’s head is it aimed?

Answer; those just falling off of the Turnip Truck.

Conservatism, in a changing world, is forced to redefine its “permanent” opinion into seemingly new truth.  We have just witnessed Lindsey Graham, for instance, explaining why Americans do not want socialized government medical care, while he himself is covered by such a policy, thank us very much!  His explanation why Americans (72% support government option) will not have a government option is designed for the Turnip Truck—–“…a bureaucrat standing between the patient and the doctor.”  It is actually somewhat reversed, medicare is known to have a much lower bureaucratic cost ratio that private medicine.

The Shill For The Oligarchy Requires Permanently Naive Followers

I know of two people who recently had these incidents happen this year in private medicine; A woman, upon having the first heart attack of her life, was scheduled to be examined two weeks from then for it.  Another woman, having a noticeable new neurological issue develop, was scheduled for examination over 6 months down the road.

Many folks are being fooled by the nature of their actual private health care (corporate socialism).  And unlike Lindsey Grahams search for the fools, WE ALREADY HAVE A CORPORATION STANDING BETWEEN THE PATIENT AND THE DOCTOR,  DUH! And unlike a government in a democracy where you presumably have a say on it all come elections, in the private sphere, your say is to go away.  Good luck with that somewhere else.  Nice having that stand between you and your loved ones life; pay up or die, bye, bye.  Have a nice day.

We see this same pandering to ignorance and blinded suspicion on so many right wing causes; pollution, global warming, international responsibilities, depleting resources, The Liberal Media(*), The Commons, and on… No problem, leave things alone, they will magically fix themselves when a company decides to do something about it to make a good profit.  It is irrationalism fermented into hard suicidal currency by the contents of the Turnip Truck.

In other words, ignorance is a politicians greatest asset, when the truth hurts themselves and who they really serve behind the scenes.  And so the campaigns against knowledge must be waged; inditing intellectuals, damning facts in context, loading the truck with ad-hominem assumption, condemning most all science that is contradictory to conservative presumption.

As Jay Leno once inquired, and I’ll paraphrase; ‘I know of someone who just had their broken arm fixed and it cost him $26,000.00. Wasn’t that just 7 or $800.00 a while back?’  Life is good in the humongous health care industry for the corporate leaders.  It was estimated not long ago that just one man received one out of every 700 spent on health care in the US.  For the opportunist in society; Keep those Turnips coming.  We’ll provide the transportation!

To the above Jay Leno point, conservatives need a cover explanation to become presumed in the culture.  So it will be something like accident lawyers, or malpractice lawsuits, that become assumed to be the cognitive dissonant alleviating cause of higher hospital cost.  Never profit, corporate bureaucracy, and the profiteering stock bottom line industry driving civilization to the cliff of sustainability.  Government get out of the way!

The objective of the Turnip Truck industry of conservatism is to keep truth at bay on the curb, ignorance in charge, and attitude as guide.  They will behave thus, while insisting we must hop on-board their ride to success.

{Now I get more sarcastic}

Oh yeah; and keep pointing out the bad bad ways of all liberals; See.  I told you so. This one just pointed out the bad ways of some conservatives and we can’t have that.  It’s us or them, see.  It’s black or white, see. It’s a false dichotomy, see.

Gassed Up!

There.  Check the rear view mirror and drive on.  We are on a mission!

Oh?  Drive right over that existential relativism we use to mark the road. It is about getting to where we are going.

Chasing our ideology?  How the highways of circular reasoning are paved.

To quote a few lines form the group Genesis; “There’s too many men, too many people. Making too many problems. And there’s not much love to go around. Can’t you see this is the land of confusion? …”

“Ignorance; The Worlds Hardest Currency”

(above quote; benafia)

* The Liberal Media would be proof of a Free Press.

The only other way to approach a free press would be to have some kind of objective one where all viewpoints and interest had equal access.  That would seem to requite some kind of national mandate or other institution yet to be created.  Does anyone seriously consider the answer to the proposed “Liberal Mainstream Media” would be a conservative one?  Really?  That is not consistent with freedom of speech nor likely democracy or other liberal institutions that manifest America.

We have an essentially Corporate Press which uses aspects of liberalism to its advantage for making money mostly.  To not have a liberal press would likely be more like Iran, China, or North Korea, they are against proving your freedom by having a truly liberal press.  Oligarch’s there are for conserving their own power at public expense.