A Supernatural Encounter While Walking Home At Night

{This Post is about Spirituality and Divine influence in daily life; what evidence does an individual have? It also applies to an anomalous incident that altered what I believed was real, logical and rational in life.  That cosmology/spirituality was altered by something seemingly beyond me.  This post is not intended to make you believe in this experience of mine, nor suggesting that your beliefs are secondary.  I have enough of an issue with that myself.  And unlike objective reality, I do not know what aspects of my experience are shared by others, by all, or are reproducible.}

What if an angel, or God, grabbed you while walking, then showed you what reality actually was?  Would or could you believe it after being let go?  Now what do you do?


You are stuck for differing reasons; folks not into religious notions of communicating with God, likely consider the subject one for a fringe group, a group perhaps not holding all their rational faculties.  This is not too unlike if a friend told you they talked to a space alien.  Your sense of the reality of this event would be held in some dubious zone of doubt, awaiting further evidence, or the dropping of the subject.  Only your most trusted relationships may be able to withstand this type of “revelation” while awaiting the rest of the real story.  But what if the story holder were you yourself?  You may have never considered that one ever coming up.

What could seem to the one experiencing this, as a moment of astounding grace, might later present problematic expressive and coherent “proof” as to such an occasions objective reality. Regardless, this event happened to me in the late 1970’s.  I was walking home like I had a thousand times before and hundreds of times after. One difference about it was a particular stressful situation I encountered, but I had faced many of those before.

The reason why this event happened once, but not at other possibly more stressful times, is unknown to me, perhaps unknowable.  I consider myself fortunate for having been given another view into Life.  Spiritually, I was basically an agnostic person; I saw no real evidence for humankind’s religious claims of knowledge about God and all the rest.  I believed the scientific objective view to be the most honest approach to knowing.

Why Me and Why Now?

Relatively speaking, I had suffered much in my life, both physically and socially (things like parents dying when young and tooth decay, alienation), and never noticed any indication of help or communication from metaphysical or paranormal sources.  Although I did have some kinds of ESP occurrence, which I assumed were hints towards the larger connections of humanity we are not quite aware of.

I also felt that many religious groups claim and believe they are representing spiritual matters, yet are seeing what they are conditioned to see.  I cannot comment as to the spiritual validity of someone who says ‘God just told me to do this…’  I do not know what some consider the word of God, for some seem to believe their urges are from God or Satan, for example.  I was not expecting what happened to me ever, for it seems patently unfair to me for some to have a privileged connection to the Divine while others must tarry in darkness.


This particular evening I was walking down a street in a rough neighborhood, as my norm, when I noticed a large gang ahead of me coming my way.  Sometimes I cross streets to avoid direct encounters with what seems to be potential trouble, have since being a child.  Other times, I walk confidently into these settings to challenge my negative assumption, and to assert my right to walk on public streets.  This time I decided to walk on my side of the sidewalk through this group of a dozen or so people.  These people were not only rowdy and not my race, but projecting violent kinds of attitude and imagery toward me.  The message seemed clear enough beyond the paranoiac self assumption that most of us are capable of.  I seem to remember someone had a knife out and was flashing it around.

Now I was aware that I might be standing up for my right to walk and losing my wallet or my life for it.  I thought; what is life worth if you cannot even walk down public streets in America?  I more or less banished my fear and “stood my ground” while normally walking without intentioning any engagement with this group.  I was a bit angry at the situation; that life could be forfeit over next to nothing, just walking.  Just when I was surrounded by this group, this happened.

I found light seeming to pour in to me from in front of me.  I also seemed to be lifting up into the air toward this glow, as if on an invisible automatic ramp. I could not detect my feet walking anymore, just entered a state of consciousness with something much greater.  A lot of thought, and kinds of question and answers happened in what must have been a very short time.  I guess several seconds, but it felt like several minutes.  Here I will give words to what were more like instantaneous feelings and illumination.

First; It is all Love. I thought how could it be?  Did you see what kind of mean spirited attitude those people I just encountered had? Effectively; No.  It does not matter.  All is still My Love. You are in It. I could tell I was in the presence of what appeared as Supreme knowledge and wisdom. Everywhere I looked was a bathing glow of love and good will. This practically instantly led me to this conclusion over all I had “known” and assumed; I was usually wrong.  Wrong about it all. Those “bad” people who just tried to intimidate me were covered in what I will term here Divine Love.  Yet I was allowed to see it and feel it, Love covered everything as One.  There is One Loving Intention.  For all I know now, those “bad people” may have been my life’s saving  angels.

Back Onto My Feet Sort Of

This was the most profound and exhilarating experience of my life.  Hey.  I was just tapped and shown how wrong I was.  How wrong about most everything, and by inference, how wrong we all are so often.  As bad as it can be, as seemingly evil and horrible, still Love is surrounding it all.  It would be hard to grasp intellectually, since emotions can be so sure of what they see; the good, the bad, and the ugly and ungrateful.  I make badness exist, and instead, I can make and be love, be on Love’s side instead of my agenda’s

So, now I could change my whole orientation in life. I felt I was supposed to communicate my “message” of liberation, for I was overflowing with love and connection to all, and saw what I had seen.  I’m not sure why I got this message in my life; why I did not receive it when so young, vulnerable and beset with issues that seemed to threaten my life to its core. Yet, partly because of my extreme inhibitions and lack of socialization skills, I felt I was quite possibly the most unprepared person to convey Divine wisdom, since I do not exhibit much of it.  And yes, I do see the ego’s self evaluation in this, the place where love for oneself is still too hurt to stand up and walk straight and true.

I seemed to have been given a new life, one where I could see Life for what it is, if I want to.  And that is the penultimate subjective self caveat; If I want to.

I was in a euphoric state for approx 3 days; that being, I seemed to be walking on air, and, Oh yeah; had a supernatural encounter that changed how I know Life and chose to see Life and Being!

At first I went about intellectually discussing with some others from my new found confident assurance in Love and its connection to all.  Why it had the power to release all conflict.  What a promise that presented to humankind, me included!  That attempt to explain away conflict to others seemed to go most nowhere I could tell.  I still had my other history with me.  But, as in this message here, I continue to be a promoter of my vision, and it remains a moment in my life that never stopped giving.  I try to keep in harmony with my understanding while I venture into religious, political and personal antagonisms.

This might place you here, in the same position I was in before my encounter with the supernatural; not sure what to believe in and what is really true. It seems never wise just to take anyone’s confident word on these things, for we humans can claim most anything to be the Gospel truth. The knowledge must be assessed within oneself.

I assume the key we each have is always in what I know of Love, big Love, the one that covers all things and the smallest thing; the next person you see, the next step you take, the next time you doubt Life, the next anger you project to most worthy targets.  Can you believe yourself to be connected to this transcendent Love regardless off the loss and destruction evident in your world? With a world filled with happenstance and the suffered consequence of our ignorance impose upon others, and theirs upon us, it may be hard to believe in this transcendent Love, for how could It allow such hurt?

It does not matter.  To love is the answer.

The answer Itself is transcendent and all inclusive, but it is something to accommodate in the heart and soul.  The mind may not be the best place to look to understand love.  Mental analysis of objective fact can be a tool for many things, but as sole determinator of Love’s will?  I have been shown my mind is not qualified to teach me this, only to learn.  To love without condition?  It is to be aligned with the Creative Force Itself, and that brings a union with Illumination.

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