Far Out Man! History International UFO Show Next Thursday

IMG_3605I came across an add for the cable network; History International, claiming to have sited a new UFO Special to be aired Thursday June 18  2009 at    PM.

It might be my imagination, or might be the mix of a lot of slick special effects, speculation and jumping to conclusion, but it actually seems UFO information is getting more dignified and difficult to dismiss.  Police, pilots, air traffic controllers, military personnel all witnessing what seem beyond atmospheric generated phenomenon.

I put UFO stuff on my blog, since it is a potential earth and cultural shattering event.  One that is plausible in a vast Universe with us floating around one star.  You know they say there are more stars around us that grains of sand on earth. And if the “deep field”, shots of the Hubble telescope are any measure, where they picked a blank space in the sky to do a long range light gathering in an area the size of a grain of sand held at arms length and found 3,000 galaxies, (gulp); there is a whole lot of stuff going on around us.

I have been interested in space since very young.  Had my share of UFO like occurrences, some of which are quite possibly completely subjective and false, due to waking dream state and cultural interference with imagination processing.  A couple not, with someone else being with me at the time.  It seems completely absurd to think only our planet has intelligent life as we know it.  How and why they would be here is all speculation.

I do not believe meeting extraterrestrials will necessarily be a good thing for humankind.  I am not looking for “them” to save us from ourselves. Contact may go either way; move humankind into a new expansive paradigm of intelligent life presentation and participation, or possibly amplify our own dysfunctions and lack of harmony.  A good reason to keep contact at bay.


None of my photo’s here are UFO’s

Trying to get that UFO show-link info up here is like trying to find gold at Roswell.

An Alien History of Planet Earth



Spock.  Can you hear me?  Is there anybody out there?


Extraterrestrials need not apply.

No Service without shirt or shoes.  Yes this means pants too.  And put on you properly, not just held in bag or something.