Vortex2 Catches a Tornado!

=Tornado Encountered June 5 2009 by Vortex2 Research Project=

Today was a good day for the  Vortex2 project.  Tomorrow may be another one.  It is said they followed the complete development of this tornado.  Some vehicles were damaged by huge hail.  That is all I know right now.  They actually looked visually inside a part of this tornado.  Tornado appeared to become a wedge tornado at one point.

Goshen Co Wyoming

-This Weather Channel Video begins tornado coverage with Mike Bettes at Vortex2 about 10 seconds after the weather data on the video’s start.  Thanks Weather Channel!

-First Video a Fast Compilation

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Success: CWG Captures Tornado on Chase‎ –

For the first 25 days of the VORTEX2 tornado field project — the largest effort ever made to understand tornadoes, the chase teams had failed to encounter