Wildfires and UFO’s: Is Arizona Out of This World?

Today I went up a hill to photograph a fire far way.  Later today I encountered this unknown secret(?) of Arizona Firefighting.

-This fire in Mexico could invade cross the border as an illegal combustion alien.


Not surprisingly, I came across speculation on the Air-crash over the Atlantic and who knows what? UFO bad business.

But on UFO’s.  I know, some think its all crazy.  We’re alone in the Universe and its likely trillions of planets, the first we came across has you on it.  But that does not prove anyone is anywhere else.

That said.  On Star Trek it was alleged that it was the Warp Drive use that signaled the imaginary aliens that we were cosmic players.  Not our radio’s or nuke’s.  But we don’t know that in the real world.  Oxygen, carbon, 1950 TV signals, water or whatever may attract someone-thing here.   But today these 2 cents occurred to me; our technological/robotic/artificial intelligence factors may create a more cosmic players point.

The Earth is Who’s Oyster?

The earth could be taken over kinda slow like.  Oceanic life could be genetically fiddled with to break food chains, or make the planet better for someone-thing else.  If something else is all artificial kinds of “consciousness” perhaps they will not consider us a problem unless we threaten catching up with their capabilities and interest, but in our hazardous to life dysfunctional state.


Overall, I would prefer to believe in various noninterference imperatives.  Mandates that allow for the independent revelations of Life wherever it is.

And then for intelligent impostors like humankind, alien technology would, or should be kept from us until we have learned that conflict, war and destruction are ignorance in operation.  Until then, we would all be spiritually unworthy of interacting with much alien intention.

That. Or maybe mid June will be the alien coming out party, or invasion…?

Start counting down…