My. How Spams Have Changed

What happened to the good old days when spam was spam?  Pages and pages of stuff I did not wish to know about.

But now spam seems to have gone all Eastern European on us.  Perhaps it is code talk of some kind.  With the right decoder one could discover what one wished not to know.

Now my spam can seem to be all not English.  I have an in English blog.  Did all the other spam get all spammed out?  Do spammers think we really would be so thrilled to get a comment that we would put their “product?” on our little blog?

Sometimes spam gets through to the real comments with generic sounding praise directed at the blog, like; Great stuff. Keep up the good work. Who? Me?  Which work? Great how and why?  The lack of relevant specifics is a giveaway to likely generic non relevance.

But why would one OK stuff like; voujk osxnzyt svxzkopk, ?

So if you know what that sort of thing means, don’t tell me.  (example was not from an actual spam, just a semblance)

If the spam is from Outer Space, well, that would be news.

Area 51 Where Are You?