Light And Darkness


In the middle of day

direction was easy

paths were clear

even when winding away

into the woodland

But time would change

vision would be challenged

what I know and see

become memory and

a detached certainty

For now light is distant


distant suns

and wayward planets

leave me questioning my own feet

where are they really headed?

Illumination uncovers silence

allowing sight to speak

ears to hear colors

textures to emerge

without actually touching

but by light

its path to the eye

Yet darkness brings its vision

whether wondering on stars

or worrying on unknowns

a different sight emerges

one holding blindness as ally


blinded alleys

as ways home—


— ones inner Light can persist amidst surrounding darkness–

Swallows Come Over Each Evening: Arizona Skys

Evening swallows  May 29.  While taking sunset photo’s;



-Late in the afternoon, this cloud rains out.  Lower air may be too dry for precipitation to make ground; virga.