Conservatives Seek Appearance Reality Rationalization

This post is dedicated to those who wondered where my more political ideas had gone—

I tend to avoid too much opinionated, since in general, it goes nowhere.  We require open hearts and minds to accept an others logic as possibly valid, and that often is just a one way street.  True political breakthroughs will be possible, breakthroughs into spiritual perception involving all parties in debate, when our underlying union is recognized.

That said and in some respects set aside; with all the ranting going on about socialism (not corporation/stock mini socialism*, some other kind), and how values are valueless if you say somebody bad doesn’t have them, I decided the time was ripe for one more opinion piece.


Keeping with the stunning reality detachment necessary to think conservative myopia is generally a good thing; the new war against Gods Socialist(?) Creation continues unabated by truth or conscious awareness of consequences.

Trying to prove waterboarding isn’t torture, right-wing radio jock ‎ –

So, unlike Sean Hannity (who promised to be waterboarded for charity, but has since refused), Mancow Muller found a trained Marine sergeant, arranged for a

One exception to this declaration; a right wing pro water-boarding enthusiast has declared water-boarding torture.  This reversal of his prior view occurred after 6 seconds of his try at water-boarding.

When reality is allowed in to conservatives trapped perceptual parameters, actual reality may have an influence.  This is why conservatives are against objective reality and prefer what is called Appearance Reality in the ingredients of perception; how things look and seem are easy means for philosophical and religious judgment to hide in the open, while factual reality is much more rigorous and requiring an open to truthful context mind.  Hence the conservative disdain for “intellectual elites”.  If truth cannot be checked; well then they have one just where they want one, at their mercy. Instead of all the Freedom they may go on about, it becomes conformity, “loyalty” and other inhibitions on ones freedom of thought, awareness and action.  This denotes their inherent insecurity and fear of knowledge–ignorance is so much easier to influence and control through.

In honor of the kinds of situationally truncated and logically starved conceptualizations running rampant off the cliffs of presumption known as the conservative right wing; I propose these new ideas for flaming conservatives in search of new and improved causes:

Carbon dioxide does not cause global warming.

We know this, because I have drunk pop all my life, it had carbon dioxide in it, and it did not make me hot.  Therefore carbon dioxide does not cause global warming, is good for plants, and comes with every spoken word.  Only fascist socialist liberals would try to make it into a bad thing.  End of discussion. { What do you mean they already say this stuff? Oh!  But they have!}

These kinds of instant disclaimers or “debunking s” that flow like a torrent on the right are designed for use in debate rationalizations as Thought-Terminating-Cliche´s, things that stop investigative thought from being necessary because of the issues “proven” disingenuous nature.

End Liberals and Gods Insidious Socialist Plan.

It is only right that airlines should charge for checked luggage.  And if people would only wake up, airlines would charge for air.  Why should folks get used to free air? Water is not free. Not to charge for the things of Life; That is socialism!  Wake up!  Life is not free!  You owe us!  When Eve picked that apple, she was stealing from somebody.

Wouldn’t you rather charge folks for walking past your house on the sidewalk?  It is a bleeping goldmine just waiting for you to cash in on, but liberals are against your success.  If we can just get that socialist free ride, I mean free walking, apple picking commie plan off the boards and install the new; Hey you!  You owe me! Pay up! Cash or Credit? ; plan.

As we have noted; your future wealth is being kept from you by these insidious liberals and their communal “connection” ideologies.  They have you thinking people have a right to walk on public (socialist) sidewalks.  You have been brainwashed!  They say democrats are to the right of where moderate Republicans were many years ago.  We and our corporate sponsors are making sure that this trend will return until all is for sale and all is forbidden to those without money.  Take that God! We own Creation and we part it out to the highest bidder!

We Quit The Nation If you Do Not Play Democracy By Our Rules:

Rules are what we declare them to be.

The righteous new conservatives will continue their long standing plan on parting out Gods Creation to the highest bidder.  Gods Socialist Reign ends here, along with His other liberal traveling free-riders.  Some conservative ideas are just too valuable to abandon, no matter how absurd they seem in the real world.  Down with the real world!  Science is a trick when it contradicts my ideas!

We declare our own infallibility.

We cannot allow so called scientific fact to interfere with our beliefs!  It is obviously a bias against us.  That is beyond obvious, as is it that God created the true laws science discovers is plainly a given fact.  They are in cahoots together against us!  Connect those dots please!  We have reversed the notion of what and who God is, to one in which God is always for predatory interest who hide behind free market ideology code named Freedom!.

God is really a Big, Big Policeman for punishment and keeping our fellow human beings in line; a line where we can plunder their pockets and line our private ones that is!  Exploiting the environment is only good!  Using others anyway you can to get ahead is your right!

Torture Is Not Torture If You Can Claim Good Things About It

There.  That was not so hard was it?

In a good intentioned blink of an eye, the long historical struggle out from barbarity and chaos is devalidated with one; but we got good information allegation cause pain works to control animals is obvious.  Imagine.  We just need an attorney to say its OK, and magically it is, and its information is considered top notch while evidence indicates it causes more harm than good.  Torture is then repackaged to mean only what may cause immanent death, not what is seeming to.  You say drowning does just that?  Nonsense. I say if you lived through it it does not!

Look to the future in these rationalizations my conservative followers; infect folks we dislike, not torture if we cure them before dying!  Remember how kids way back when were terrorized at the very idea of a pin in the story that the Chinese would torture people by pushing bamboo slivers up their fingernails?  Horrible thought.  You know how bad those fingernail breeches can be.  No problem!  No longer torture, for one would be unlikely to die from that.  How cool is it to have any law undone by a mere idea in someone that it is not what it is!  Now that is activist government!!!  Strange then how our war hero movies praised those who staid pure to silence even through horrendous torture.  We know torture is evil then didn’t we?

Remember.  We have most citizens so anesthetized that they differ to experts, then go about their own stressful lives.  We do have them where we want them so wake up!  Torture is in the eyes of the beholder, and since we are automatically good being America, we cannot torture, especially if we never know about it, or admit it, or change its definition to suit our twist of conscience.

So if anyone blames America, you know how that plays out; So you blame us? You blame me?  Shame on you!  Why do you hate America?  Why do you support America’s enemies?

Thank Yoo!

I’ll tell you; its like taking candy from babies.

Now I hope this nonsense does not fall into the wrong hands.  I mean the rights hands.  For they never seem to truly comprehend which hand is feeding them from a real world that is Whole and One, no matter what they, or I, believe.

Appearance Reality formed into ideological Consensus Reality is the key to right wing inanity seeming to be really something big; to them “Truth”.

CARS; Conservative Appearance Reality Syndrome, or the shortest route to the cliff of separation identity.

My comments here, including the fictional aspects, are eerily reminiscent of the right wing “truth” being unveiled anew practically every day.  Unhinged from reality; conservatist need to reattach fear to their ideological narrative to begin reeling in the logically impaired.  Conservatism requires a kind of built in retardation, a semi voluntary imposed ignorance upon objective oriented cause and effect perception. Conservatism damages human perceptual ability, and renders adherents blind to fuller comprehension and understanding of the world and Life around and within them.

“Pre knowns”, a kind of prion infection of an individuals real world perception, fill the viewpoint of observation with conserved knowns not needing truthful evidence evaluations. Humans so blocked from (w)holistic relationship comprehension, do seem abandoned in the Universe.  Money, an idea of God, securing their own turf regardless of consequences to others; these ego based insecurity motivators loom grand on the perceptual horizons of conservative identity. The ego may be big, but the experiential awareness is imprisoned.

All else, then, not seemingly intentionally aligned with this cosmological/spiritual scenario, appear to be primed to be against them.  They see through their own conceptual and perceptual tinted glasses, projecting their own fears and motivations onto others. Science becomes a threat since it can challenge assumption and presumption to “prove”, or otherwise present its logical imperative in a verifiable honest way. But if scientific (objective view on cause and effect) tenets have been unplugged from ones critical thinking abilities, all manner of ideological idea flotsam and jetsam can seem to be good things to hold onto in the insecurity’s rough seas of hostile reality.

Otherness becomes a key to manipulating the detached and separated ego identity.  Religious view, economic advantage, most anything can be convoluted to seem embraced by the allegedly conserved individual mindframe.  The anti objective viral software has been installed into the individuals identity matrix.  Now conservative leaders need only make up pieces that will fit the pre-established perceptual consensus reality, becoming their subjective apparent reality.  We and the world, now become defacto victims of conservatism’s myopia, while we will be perceived as both alien and wrong by locked down identities unhinged from objective fact finding or even acknowledgment of the existence of objective pursuit.

Objectivity is maneuvered into being the conservatist nightmare; it challenges them from outside their reality perception.  It looms as an alien thing that seems to their world to be “against” them.  It, objectivity, becomes a kind of enemy to be attacked and debunked full-time, while logic of a more pandering nature is reeled in to validate conservative reality perception.  Various religious or ad-hominen emotional Thought-terminate clichés stand guard over objective reality interference with conservative coherency narratives. Conservatism is the frozen in palace lazy souls approach to the world; boxes within boxes.


Here we find our current situation on the right; a shotgun approach to finding ideas that will stick to individuals insecurity, in hope of stringing in new followers to absolutism’s call.  An absolute “knowing” where questions of a fundamental nature are forbidden, critical thought crippled and led to judgmental emotional conclusion. In short; a way to control others via their ignorance, an ignorance that is at times, seemingly, consciously promoted as right.

Now that is my free speech.

High Above The Pepper Tree

High Above The Pepper Tree


Your words moistened becoming rain

standing for an instant on dry ground

diving under rock without a sound


Silence echoed its personal bane

canyons changed their orientation

moments flowing without direction


Looking up but seeing nothing to chain

moments fell off high cliffs of memory

forgetful river meandering towards sea


Worries, blight brought seasons of pain

earth’s clouds passed over sun or moon

hearts are broken as always too soon


Green came shimmering wild and sane

we wandered in time where now is free

traveling high blue above a pepper tree