When Looking Away: A Poem On What Life is Missed

Over What Lay


Below The Tree Of Life here drifting

leaves gather behind each lonely day

I notice one dream loosened to the east

missing one to the west not far away


Choices made to divide each sight

the wind in our shoes aimed ahead

going where now finds less sunlight

searching for what could be instead


Beneath The Tree Of Life all around

it was easy not to notice direction

north or south as reversed inside

mirrors unseen in their reflection

We seek ever onward over what lay

yesterdays leaves silently turning

over a missed word an undone tear

forgone colors of Life later burning


2 thoughts on “When Looking Away: A Poem On What Life is Missed

  1. Thank You Cordieb for your own words.

    I happened to check in to your blog right after writing this and noticed some serendipity going on.

    I wrote this late at night, partly inspired over the photo’s I took that day in the little forest in my front yard. We make choices of attention every moment, that alter the trajectory of our lives. In that which we chose not to attend to, a kind of latent life recedes into the background.

    We have this ability to establish value and live with those decisions. I know I have at times neglected to see what was there, only later to lament my lack of focus. This poem was to be aware of what is focused upon and still hold honor for what is not.

  2. Such a beautiful poem, weaving words with so much truth…thanks for the gentle reminder; as it is so easy to allow regret and dreams overshadow our present.

    Blessings, Friend

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