Our Mother Was A Neandertal: OK With Me

-Is he going to say it? Really? Where is the simian shame? Lets not all go ape over the controversy! Oh! We are apes? Sorry whatever ape I might be offending here.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simian

The rational/objective thing about scientific thought, is that it will allegedly change an assumption with compelling verifiable evidence. While those who wish to debunk scientific thought seem to require one apparent contradiction, just one will do to prove science’s falsity. Well also political, spiritual and many other debatable positions. How convenient.


I love how the One Life that existence is, (in my opinion), keeps revealing more to us if we but look. Although here I will venture into the speculative zone of hypothesis, and not offer too much evidence but fanciful conjecture.


It came as a surprise to some that Neaderthal’s (some say Neandertal) have the same advanced language gene that we modern humans do. This caused some to speculate as to how and when that gene was shared. For some time, some claimed that Neadertal’s big problem was that they did not have our fancy human talky ability. Now there is conjecture that perhaps we had it all backwards, and it was Neandertal’s who had the language gene first, being that they had a much more codependent lifestyle than the more lone wandering on the plains with better weapons proto modern humans.

(So we may be the experiment; whether smart long term strategy and highly refined speech will remain a key to human advancements or decline.)

The speculation proceeds to human and Neandertal interbreeding; that way back when, we were much more similar in life pursuits, which may have lead, not so much to conquest, but to integration and assimilation pushing out the prior forms. Somewhere and sometime, it seems likely, that hundreds of thousands of years ago, and or much more near, what was to be our present humanity was a more broad definition than today.

Being One Creation, (in my view), I am fine with Neandertal mothers and fathers being some of our ancestors. This is Life after all, and not necessarily and ideological competition, although some may insist on that, or other ontological presumptions.

Once I had heard this debate about Europeans being imbued with characteristics indicative of residual Neandertal genes, and a point was made that Neandertal and humans do not share a certain feature in the head and neck connection. Then someone wrote in that they have that very same “Neandertal” head connection from their Lithuanian roots (Disclosure; I am half Lithuanian and do have the cranial feature. It is or isn’t in the center back of ones skull at the ear-line). http://www.eupedia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24164

Well guy. You may be an ape or Neandertal dude, but I’m a Hobbit! Hobbit.http://www.eonix-papers.com/2009/04/28/hobbits/

OK then.

That’s the trouble with you you-mans; you just don’t know who you are.