An Orientation To Being

An Orientation To Being?IMG_3342

To be or not to be, may be the question (from Shakespeare), but to be or not to be what or how, seem to also issue from existence. In the Bible, as an example of this question, it is asked why one worries about what to wear? The flowers of the field do not worry. Does one gain one hour of life from worrying? I’d say we are trained to say; Yes! We must worry or be tilled under!

Yet from today’s experiential driven societies; “it” seems all about chasing experiences. A hundred or a thousand things one must do before dying. Of course this need to have “it” lends itself to selling ones identity to oneself by a checklist. I can help you catch your experience, get those, I have done that clothing on top of your life. This becomes an identity wed, not only to resource usage and destruction, but to a life of scheduling when one gets to be what one wants to be. Or is that be doing?


And all the while, you are, I am. We are immersed in Life just as the flower. We may not be vegetation with its needs and requirements, but there is a vast difference between being present now, and planning on being something some time to come. A big agenda laid out into the future carries its own requirements, which have cast backward upon us their own expectation in our minds over the present moment. This can become an addiction scenario that drives one to chase having, by getting. Once I get a new pair of shoes, why I needed them does matter. It also matters why I chose to be fully present however one might be with shoes, or start wishing for something better.

We have been culturally programed to think it is normal and desirable to keep wanting new things, better things (grow the economy mantra). It is one thing to desire to improve ones life and those lives around us by care and innovation. It is another thing to judge ones own life by having. On occasion we can hear the very well-off societies and individuals claim that the poor should not complain since their lot is so much more improved than their present historical conditions suggest.

But the poor may be buying the same “achievement” orientation individuality being proliferated throughout the culture. The poor may have plumbing, when once only the rich had, but the paradigm is in lusting after easy care-free living via wealth and influence. On that; money brings the love consensus reality of economies, the poor are still treated as defacto inferior for their economic condition. While each life is a valuable as any other life.


I am not so much about wanting things from Life of a item nature; I do not seek new cars or homes. Probably spent only a few thousand on clothes my 50 something years of life, getting a bit of clothing from second hand stores. As a guy, how much have I spent on sports my whole life? Maybe $900.00 mostly on bicycles. No sports theater, but maybe a dozen or so Chicago baseball games as a child.

In my life, I imagine some folks may have wondered what I “want” from Life? Where or what is my list of must do’s? I am mostly concerned with the nature of life in the moment, and not planning on making better moments so much by chasing them down. I will improve the situation around me to aid my life mission and experience as long as they are sustainable ecologically. I did get this computer to blog and do my writing with. I plant many trees and flowers regularly, and do things to help others. I do not require a specific scenario to play out to make my life know it is being a valuable experience. It always is.

Where ones life fits into the Whole of Life, is of paramount importance to the living context our lives are embedded in.  These environmental connections are ignored at ones peril. I am then, organically concerned how I and society think and view Life. I can see the many problematic environmental and social conflicts that issue from human presumption upon the future.

Manufactured need, as well as cultured material addiction dependency, are phenomenal issues facing human consciousness.  That there are fellow human beings so shallow in perception, that they will insist on a self destructive behavior/philosophical matrix as it interfaces with reality, is a dire, potentially humankind suicidal issue as well. Those blinded  of interconnection and relationship in their life settings, do tend to encourage others to share the myopia, to feel good about their own agendas placed upon the future.


If these questions are not asked; as to the how I exist or what I believe I exist for, a truly conscious state of being a fully present Being may never be known. Those living in contradiction; like a flower immersed in place but worrying over what next to get from the future, may be unable to exit the negative having/getting vacuum driven compulsions, unless intelligent thought is given to what is making one worry over lack or its threat.

We are in a paradox of a sorts; knowing I should be fully present and available to what my life really is, yet existing in a cultural context that defines and treats one as a failure if I am not fully and unconsciously immersed into the treadmill. At least those who use The Commons to “get ahead”, use the lack driven focus to motivate supplication to their interest. But what of the interest of ones life in Life?