Success Meets Its Nemesis: Reality

Success Meets Its Nemesis: Reality ; Or Humpty Dumpty Succeeds at Falling

– -This comment was sent to me from someone who seems to recognize a new definition of success might respect more dimensions to the concept of achievement than just finishing something. These successful somethings may be connected to many other somethings, even to everything. Here was the question;

Dear Sir,

I am a student and have interest in the concept of success. What means in actual world?
I ask you more information about Success and your implications in real social Live and ecological?
Please help me to change our sense of to be successful.
Luis M

Materialism is a big factor in much success. We often look for a material result to establish verification of our success. Then we have our mental component; our knowledge and our will to produce a result, which is of paramount importance in success. We may struggle with our mind and coordinating abilities to come to a successful conclusion, but this part of the effort seems to occur in a more metaphysical zone; our consciousness.

Our success is not independent from the World. It will have an impact that will effect the balance of other factors in reality; scales may be tipped, catastrophe initiated, others inhibited, and all from me achieving my intention successfully. This reality check is to take the concept of success out of blind ambition and into the pragmatism of Reality. Since we humans are interconnected by heredity, language and reality interpretation; we need determine a new Consensus Reality for an integral and inclusive nature to success in the definition of the individual and the culture.

The above negative repercussion consequence, may be an integral aspect of success, unless I am conscientious enough to care about my influence in the real world. I may be ignorant, likely am about many things, and may be blindly pursuing achievements without being conscious of what my achievements will do to further cause and effect beyond my immediate interest.— I can keep burning my fields after harvest, not knowing the bad air my be sickening my neighbors cattle; in this case, ignorance may be bliss for me, but it does not make any one thing right, nor erase cause and effect responsibilities. I can seek to avoid awareness of the consequences of may actions, however.

Humankind has poisoned many of its water sources, sending its disease and contamination downstream to unsuspecting other humans and ecosystems. Again; ignorance may seem to excuse sins, but their consequence ensues nevertheless. In our modern, and presumably aware of consequences world; the collateral damage of some success may be known in some circles, and denied in others. Pollution and global warming are classic examples of this, with strong motivation to deny reality. Those successfully profiting directly off of problematic achievements will be inclined to look to their own bright side, and tend to condemn the “naysayers” of social and economic effects as being unhappy, envious, or scientifically incorrect.

What conscious humans need be are of, is that all actions have reactions, there is no magical abstract zone where what I want and achieve is truly independent of the World. Well, there is an imaginary escapist creed. It is called denial, and it goes hand in hand with diversion. Cognitive dissonance , or the desire to avoid knowing ones own contradictory behaviors, has a desire of its own; to not accept Reality if it seems to contradict ones own living context.

This amounts to a kind of inner temptation to deny evidence, and to poison outer messages that cast ones own behavior into a wish to be avoided light. We see human institutions; be they sociocultural by consensus or by law, which help some to avoid accountability’s for ones actions. The corporate model is constructed as one in which the individual can blend away, or otherwise abstract out the consequence of ones actions, be they producing good or ill. We can shelter our identity from accountability (illusionary) and instead, make it seem that someone else is the cause of an apparent problem. Legal and illegal behaviors do not come with a guarantee of rightness.

Interest not interested in knowing Reality as it truly is, will seek to proffer out other definitions to those eager for cover, or wising to succeed at what these others seem to have going. Temptations is, well, temptingly seductive in its appeal. We can define opportunism and exploitation as nothing but valuable opportunity to get ahead. One need only organize ones reality matrix to accept the new definition of what is “on my side”.  Succeeding at this my-side dialectic, will succeed in chaining a whole host of negative consequence to be reckoned with.

My imaginary example; those cattle ranchers complaining about me causing bad air must be wanting to take my farm away. That is why they complain about my crop burning. Once we are accustomed to human diversions of attention and how reality is manipulated by it, I will tend to see in those cattle ranchers, not a legitimate concern, but a devious one to take my stuff. Fear is much easier to come by than understanding.

The nature of fear is in its own understanding. It “knows” the fear and assumes its cause is external, quite possibly intentionally induced. Unfortunately, this survival mechanism is not omniscient. It is routinely used to avoid ones own accountability in the World, and project it onto someone else who is much easier to assume has negative intention toward oneself. In fear, like can produce like, while fact checking is itself an unwanted diversion, the conclusion already “known”.

Just as cigarette manufacturers denied all evidence of cigarettes “causing” cancer for so long, many business and some religious interest (spiritual businesses?) will seek to poison external critique, even when seeking an ideal of objectivity. Instead, they will promote the disingenuous and questionable nature of those who bring up questions. Attacking science is now something routinely done by some.

Pseudoscience is presented as the proof that refutes the problematic scientific theory. These become logical contrapuntal tricks to steer the mind away from a truly ideal base for alleged objectivity. Instead, often Thought-terminating clichés are invoked to divert consciousness into emotionalized ad-hominem spheres of influence, where attitude and faith can “decide” what is really true in a question free zone. At that point, as in many ideologies and cult mindsets, circular logic can take over the minds critical thinking ability. Supplying it with a set of taken for granted known’s that spiral the group-think consciousness away into its own consensus reality.

Now, our fellow human beings are successfully sequestered into their own privatized world view, further disconnected from the ways and means of knowing Reality as it really is. This set up is a golden opportunity for manipulation, to the opportunist unconcerned with predatory use of other humans thought and action. Unconcerned, for those who are following opportunist induction are in no position to question.

For some, success will be linked to deceiving others. To do that successfully, others must be in position to be fooled, or put into position to be fooled. To be fooled perpetually, the mistaken assumption must appear as a logical conclusion, and not the diversion from reality that it is. In our big modern world of mass communication, whole ideologies need be constructed to preemptively fool those primed to be mislead.

Critical thinking ability must then be crippled. Often this is done by making critical thinking seem to be a logic that comes back in upon itself to prove the conclusion by the premise; circular reasoning. If you know environmentalist or unions are the cause of so many problems seemingly connected in your life, you will be primed to hear their blame on the likes of Fox news.

The world should have a new definition of success, since it seems most cultures and individuals intend to be in some manner successful. Success can be a very good thing. We need establish a healthy definition of success that treats it not as a sacred abstraction, but as something integral to Life itself. I need understand that what I intend to succeed at, furthers all Life. I am not outside existence, existence is effectively One, a Whole Context.

Success then, should be cast into a full context of understanding, and not only some self centered notion of me getting ahead. Our ideas of success are nearly a gauge to what we value and understand: Whether we value knowledge more than ignorance. Whether I value all Life or am myopically inclined to only my own, as if it truly were separate from Creation.

It is encouraging to see young people interested in The Whole Context for success, and not the subjective version of self aggrandizement.

We are all in This together.

Thanks Luis M