National Day of Prayer, and of Definition

Today was the official National Day of Prayer

-From the White House

-Here is the link to the Interfaith Alliance site and their view on Obama’s proclamation.

-From a Baptist Viewpoint

-From me

I believe this prayer day began in the 1952. It would have never been put forward by the Founding Fathers, not as a presidential position. The Founders were mainly Deist (perhaps more like Obama in religious-spiritual perspective), and not much like the religious right. The Founders may have known enough to keep government out of religion and religion out of government, but since our nations inception, less wise and more opportunistic interest have tried to hijack the national “true” spiritual position, as one of their own kind.

But you non Judeo-Christians and atheist can do your wrong things, just wont get a day for them. Well, go ahead and pray or whatever you do today too. See. Free and equal even if wrong.

The dogs may be new, but the tricks of creating an image for appearance reality that will morph into a consensus reality, are as old as humankind itself.

For a real day of prayer; one can pray for this nation, and all nations, each and every day. Being real does not require some stunt to be, unless that is, your beliefs are a stunt.