God vs Satan

Since I do a few spiritual and religion oriented post, and am known to blur the distinctions between Life and Spiritual and Cosmological perspectives, I get blog views from the strangest searches, like: Would God beat Satan in a lightning match?img_3350

Kids I guess.

Anyways. To distill the Whole God vs Satan, and or Good vs Evil conundrums spinning the cosmic wheels in some minds at least, try this one:

God is Love, Truth and Understanding (what is manifesting Being). In other words, beyond a word, the Real connection amidst the Real aspects of Existence. Satan, or evil, can be said to be made of Alienation, Separation and Ignorance. (I often capitalize things that really are profound in their nature.)

Since we are able to be creative in an enhanced way; our mistakes, errant imaginations, incomplete conclusions and otherwise unwise presumptions will create a problematic relationship with Existence. Yes, survival creates a challenge of the unknown future, but acting from ignorance creates problems that will appear anti-life to us. Especially when I see them in someone else. We will draw conclusions from our conditional and situational comprehension of the Real nature of Reality.

Until these sorts of endemic perceptual reality problem conflicts are understood for what they are, we remain in Big Trouble, call it what one will. Pre existing cultural narratives of this “Battle” between understanding and ignorance provide us with stories and explanation of this conflict. The inherently subjective nature of these stories, will themselves face the judgement of Truth, even though we may not comprehend it. Same for whatever I say here. I do presume Life, including you and me, are on a mission and a manifestation experience somewhat beyond our complete comprehension.

That What Is Is

We can imagine Reality to be most anything. What Reality Really is, is, no matter what you or I think at any moment. But we will at any moment likely be tilted toward truth or falsity, and likely not necessarily know for certain which. Later, we may come to know by deeper understanding, or orienting our view toward what Understandings View would be by a rational dialectic. If the Universe of Being is not rational, well then, there is not much point in communicating, for we could not know when we know anything that persist.

As for a battle with lightning? Lightning is. The “battle”, if one could call it that, is over mostly static electrical charge, but in my mind I could imagine it as something of other motivation and intent.

The Cosmic Battle Within

As for ideas of God vs Satan, we need not look any further than our own mirror. Every moment a choice for orientation; toward understanding more, or not. Toward loving more, or not. I, we, are who impose the conditions on these things, and not someone conveniently outside of us.

To understand more, we need look more deeply, connect and perceive more. We already likely know how not to do this, and face the consequences now and again. Emotional jumps of logic are notoriously self defensive and wrought with potential self defeat—if reality is transgressed. As a young man once said; ‘You want love in your life, then love someone, don’t tell us how you don’t have love and are suffering, love someone.’

There is the battle courage, the change of heart that opens a Whole new life. But doctrines that make it all so complicated that we need interpreters and others to allow us to do or not to do this transformational work spiritually? You need someone else’s permission to live your own True Life? The very premise is based upon a contextual self construct of unknowing, making a kind of darkness the guide.  Perhaps pursuing the true nature of Light is a better way toward discerning the path.img_3357_2