Vortex2 : The Big Tornado Project

-Official start on Mothers Day

16 Universities and research centers; 100 researchers; over 40 vehicles; 5 weeks on the hunt; biggest tornado research project of all time. There will be live coverage on The Weather Channel.

-This becomes an unfortunate time period when researchers likely hope for tornadic conditions somewhere. These tornadoes will be the object of new study, along with deciphering conditions that encourage or discourage their development. This refined and enhanced knowledge should filter out to save lives. That is big.

(Now can someone move the tornadoes from the south into the research area? Time should.)

The Official Vortex2 NOAA Site, first link below:



Here are more links;



NOAA Photo Library Image - wea00219

A swirling mass of clouds associated with tornado to left

Image ID: wea00219, NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) Collection

The Weather Channel may carry live video of tornado’s from this project.

And from Discover Magazine