Anti Matters

Knowing Need Not Be Believing


I know

I know hate

it flows to targets

a heat seeking missile

a ruby red laser

where facts

do not matter

Then the incoming reasons

blue shifted logic

running ahead of itself

tachyon obsessed

octopus conclusions

tendril feelings

always reaching for

narratives of matters

shifted aside

Seeking the anti self

the hideous inside-out

other———-you know

a sinful extreme

lies where truth could live

withdrawals where gifts would give

that land of hopes betrayal

a web of seamless denial

where holy icons

staph in hands

disect insecurity

unveiling anti-life

guarding entrances

from understanding

Cartoons slashed of love

gutters flowing away

days descending

night crawling

minds that could care

were care permitted

hearts that would hear

were sounds shifted

instead of

red and blue

self annihilation