Tax, Tea and Ideology Party

Tax, Tea and


Ideology Party


Let the Brain, I mean, Bag Dunking Begin…


Seemingly sponsored/promoted by allegedly neutral Fox News(iness), the Tax Day tea bag protest were not protesting last year for some reason–no debt or govt. spending? From what I have heard from actual protest site’s (often occurring on tax created and maintained parks), it was mostly a kind of local-ism for the participants.— The stressed individual overwhelmed by forces out of their control, seemingly, were herded into an identity tag you can dunk with; The Problem being; the looming threat of reckless BIG GOVERNMENT.

I presume government is conceived of as only now being a runaway drain. Yet there is reality, as we should all know, due to the enormous plug pulled out of the nations bathtub, this unfortunately requires more government expense –water– to keep the ship of state afloat and not immediately going down the drain. But this will not matter to the pawns and fearful who are easily guided by quick fixed ideology as the magical HOW OBVIOUS! answer to their ills. Diverting attention by adjusting appearance in thought has always been a society manipulators best trick.

So forget about reason; this is about Appearance Reality, and easy fixes for the individual to assume are the answer; the honorable and self regulating individual–no tax–no government–no Barack Obama– no Peloisi–no any kind of liberal. Then we are left back with the usual anarchy/predatory capitalism’s overlords who manipulate societal stress to eek out every last bit of blood from The Commons. What? (I really do wish we could all be trusted to self regulate while keeping The Whole of Life in perspective. I’d prefer to have that easy blind faith. The problem is it requires one’s critical thinking to be unplugged.)

File:Azimuthal Equidistant N90.jpg

Yep. Unbridled profit is a siphon, that without regulation, will drain away both accountability and responsibility for the self, above all else. That becomes a (redistribution of wealth) pyramid scheme, where the bottom, as always, supports the “winners” on top.

Hurray for actual workers! Bless your poorer forever hearts. You deserve to be poor, cause otherwise who will actually build or clean my Olympic pool? The systemic fix is on most of those protesters, whether libertarian or “conservative”.

The earth is not flat, or an infinite context where ideology can exist apart from reality. The ideology of “winning”, of even “success” is an illusion if held outside of the real context of All Life. If you get the people of the whole earth to drive your gas guzzling car; you are not the biggest winner, although your income status may yell it loudly. You may well have precipitated the biggest systems collapse–for all of us.

Get rid of government, and I hope some rich guys will protect us in a turbulent world? Guess some other rich folks will hire someone to pick up the garbage, clean things in The Commons? Some other rich folks going to take care of those who fall through the cracks? or are we on our way to being a nation of once upon a time Calcutta’s? We The People having been dissected and left by the side of the road as road kill.


There are two kinds of Socialism (economies as wealth redistribution) and hybrids; capitalism, or as it could be termed private socialism–profit as individually imposed tax; and the communist kind that never exist–all for one and all. A sensible and pragmatic society will entertain some mix of these extremes, plus periodic leanings one way or another to address important issues.

But then there is abstract ideological purity, along with all the sanctimony and self excuse that comes with it. No problem, if you are amputated from thinking of The Whole, or The Commons, or The Environment, you have succeeded in ideologically amputating yourself from Life, excusing oneself to announce to the world that government balancing economic issues with societal reality equals= liberal socialist! The earth is obviously flat; just look!

It is Life that has the real say. But if appearances can be controlled to your ideological preference and delusions? Rant on against the Big Government Juggernaut. Heat up the political hot water for your perceptual comfort. Forget Democracy just supplied this group of politicians to deal with the situation. Pretend we had no true representation. More pretend the merrier!

-Ah!!! More Bags Please!

Now that’s what I’m talken’ about!

Right wing Sugar Cube Test


-Look closely at most of the behind the scenes big money organizers, and you will see the usual host of suspects that reap the rewards no matter which way the political wind blows. They are much more protected if sand/tea bagged in by the citizen protesters they can lure into their mind altering tea party. Of course they prefer the politics that leaves all hands off of them, while squeezing you ten ways to one. Just common sense for separation. However, we cannot actually divide and conquer reality, only human ideas of it.

Tax Responsibility as the Rights Never-ending Whine Train

Just as in the “Death Tax” ruse,; that had something like 30 times the number of conservatives thinking they were up for a tax break or prevention than actually were in reality, for these other ruses to work, reality need be unhinged. It seems a big movement is underway to unhinge conservative, or some conservatives fact checking. The anti-science and anti intellectualism (except their kinds) on the right exist for this very reason; once anyone’s source of information is tainted or fabricate, not having institutionalized checking on that lets perception be manipulated in just about any direction one wished. The right has their own “truth” disseminating propaganda outlets and sycophant ideological sites to do this bidding for behind the scenes manipulators 24/7/ad-infinitum.

Party on…


Anyone seen Alice?

Down the hole…

-The right wing overboard “truth finding” machinery will be digging up their left wing hysteria angle over the evil liberals hypocrisy, likely for some time after this event. Liberals will be noted as hypocrites for daring to criticize the right for having a protest. (Well not actually a protest but the reasons for its place and time. But this is context and some of these conservatives do not know what that actually is.) And by deference, as usual, the right can be expected to legitimize itself over its perceptions of what the left does, hence the entitlement reactionary.

Rush L is a good one to see this with; (see his comments on a Republican president shooting black teenagers (pirates from Somalia), presumably implying Republican presidents can not be black?) anything “true” (him) conservatives do, no matter what, is right. Anyone on the left, or liberal, who does the same thing is sinister, manipulative etc., being given hypothetical scenarios to appear as reality to those detached from it. Then moving onward as if all is indeed true. How well Appearance Reality seduces many a conservative, and those who think they are, into their own political correctness. Many liberals do fall for Apperance Reality as well I will note.

…A Rabbit Out of a Hat

April 9 2009

Texas desperate to get reelected fanatical governor Rick Perry, whose state received more than twice the federal return on the tax dollar, 88 cents on the dollar, was hearing calls of “secede” today at the Tax rally. Keep the money coming in folks, but just do as I say, not as I do? I am the great and wonderful OZ.

Freedom Works Tea Bag organizer Dick Armeys firm work for the bailout Co’s AIG, ,,,

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