We Cannot Admit It

We Cannot Admit It

A Universe of Love?

I don’t think so..

All the struggle




Exploitation and Opportunism

Unconditional Love?

A Dream

A Joke

A Wish upon a too distant Star…


Or a wish beyond a choice;

a free for all context

a battle for existence

or is it how Existence is?

Where does the value of the self

transcend the value of the Whole

The Great One Thing?

I am but a grain of sand

in a vast universe of Being

a speck of dust

on a speck of dust

perhaps microscopic

certainly off many radars

doesn’t matter…

I Am

and I have been

that is the difference

between nothingness

and Everything…


Unconditional Love


having been at all

in any aspect

changes Everything

shares in

what Everything Is

and the unadmitted Secret;

No matter the situation

I can chose to love

irregardless of condition

a courage to admit It

there is then union

with Unconditional Love


Instead of not;

the condition