Jesus Would Be Arrested For Feeding The Homeless


Jesus Would Be Arrested For Feeding The Homeless?

It’s your second coming or did you say you were coming for seconds?

…as we turn the Statue of Liberty around, facing inward, back toward France.

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The Other


They are easy targets




not quite that alien

they are pegged as something

something Other than us

I and you on the same side

we know who we are

and me

my assumptions of you

you meet the requirements

the definitions of sameness

a cause apart from Others…


A checklist becomes conformity

our life draws up a uniform

we wear badges of identity

Here I am; see!

I’m this kind of me

I’m like these

the respected ones

maybe the cool ones

but not like those

those Other ones

what do they know of me?


I know they are wrong

wrong about me

just look at how different we are

and that makes a difference to me

I look at them and look back at us

how could they ever really know me?

They must be mistaken over what I am about

I’m am rich with opinion overflowing…


In quite dead zones of consciousness

how the path has narrowed

ambling along cliff and peak

now emotions focus stronger

time keeps pushing me

just too many eyes to thread

too much opinion to shed

but I must keep them

rich and full

pride loaded

saying who I am

heavy with cause

aiming inebriate

toward The Eye

of the Needle