Rewriting History only takes a Minute


{These points of view of mine are established in my recognizing of psychological patterns of liberal and conservative during my life, my own tendencies in both included. I have not heard of this perspective off of some liberal site or agenda. I often critique conservatism due to its alienated point of view, which I find intrinsically dangerous to the soul. One which “gangs up” on people and ideas it does not like, or comprehend.}

On the coincidence enabled right, proof often amounts to whatever way you can connect the dots. The ways require no exactness as to cause and effect. Seemingness is the key to unlocking history.

Culture, politics, religion, true values, all are clear when you are ideologically endowed. September 11 2001 equals Saddam attacked us. This is still being communicated by some. A new moon sprouting next to the old one on the horizon is; Idiots; it is obvious the economy tanked when Obama was nominated, or looked like the likely nominee, or the Democrat took over congress two years ago, or AIG loans were given to questionable characters in the Ownership Culture…or.

Now this goes right in the face of things, like the ex Fed Reserve Chief Greenspan announcing that unregulated capitalism is not the panacea free marketeers thought it was. The Bush administration kinda sorta halfway owned up to the disaster in the end of their reign. Fact is, when capitalism is removed of its oversight, greed goes out of control, always has. The; get what you can anyway you can, ethos presumes it exist in an existential vacuum, where accountability and responsibilities end at the last dot on a contract.

The individual is assumed to be a kind of separated absolute identity beyond relevant context, hence, moral and ethical “absolutes”, which by watching conservatism at play, often get kicked off of the playground of behavior when push comes to shove. This delusion of the separated individual, so handy in getting ahead (success constructions in identity) by manipulating environments without concern for effects, collateral damages, or degrading systems of Life support, does not itself exist in a vacuum, except one created between the eyes and the soul.

But for ideological purity, real cause and effect factual connection must be dismembered to fit the abstract world view. Although we each do this to our preferences in life, there are established organizational creations designed to do the connecting of real or imaginary dots for you. This more broad seeming position, has it that appearance seems right by association, there is so much evidence after all. This lets the individual feel more protected in their belief. It also leaves one ready and willing to believe most anything that fits the abstractions subjective glasses one is wearing to “see the truth”.

If you would like to risk losing your mind, right wing news sources pump out the truths to suit the view 24/7. Most any blog from the right I see, is fashioned of these often ad-hominem, we all know how obvious it is, talk shows talking point connections. They do not get the conservatives cognitive dissonance powered necessity of providing themselves with consistent ideological excuse covered in glowing abstraction on the right, and the left, with lose and liberal deserving blame frames.

The left does its reverse of this revision of history, but if you are to check actual facts beyond the theory, the left is often much more inclusive and factual. Sorry if one insist this must be fair and balanced or is otherwise unfair. The truth is true or not, not fair and balanced. What is fair, or egalitarian, presumably, applies to Democratic-like institutions and relationships. Not a good platform for all facts if one really is seeking the truth as a Whole.

One will find, if they wish to do research, that in general the left contains much more fact and scientific evidence, the right, not near as much, since they already claim to know what is right in general, irregardless of the problematic nature of clumsy and arguable data. They do not intend their “truth” to be assailed. It is separated off and shut out of debate.

The right is continually looking to attract those with bias that will not be checked by critical thinking of an objective sort. They seek out those filled with critical thinking of a subjective ideological bent, so being anti-science and “intellectual elite’s” is a sure fire win win for recruiting. The bias against scientific analysis is a natural to conservatism, although data will be cherry-picked for its appearance of confirmation on scientific grounds.

History is so much more handy to pin up if you can say; there was a full moon a couple days ago and I had a headache, so, I’m gonna stop looking at those full moons. I’m no fool. Good for nothing moon.

-an objective source for politics? Check Annenberg out:

“The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.” -Bertrand Russell

Now that is living in the Now…and being relatively open to Life. Does not mean things are not conserved that are true.