Liberalism vs Propaganda’s Definition


What is that sinister liberalism and its value eroding ethos all about?-

“The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.” -Bertrand Russell

-This means liberalism is inherently powered by critical thinking with an outlook on The Whole of systems, and not some ideologically bound self identified notion.

This observation of Bertrand Russell is what modern conservatism and conservatives cannot seemingly comprehend; viewing liberalism instead, as a weakness of “values”, rather than evidence of the strength of the critically thinking endowed mind; that Life has identifiable reason in Its evidence.

Conservatism; a one way street of perceptual comprehension, signed by ideological abstractions, opens a Pandora’s box of uncheckable hypothesis, and alleged a-prior truths that most all conservatives depend on, as if they knew what they cannot. This is also why they are attracted to crowd behavior, as well as list of buss worded thought-terminating clichés, as if like mindedness and conformity equals reality and evidence of truth. But once science, or our God given ability to analyze our environment and draw relative logical conclusion, is unplugged, well, the world of conversion or manipulation is one’s oyster.

With the implosion of popular conservatism going on after the 2008 election and economic collapse, we see conservatives stuck in front of their own broken mirror, as always, looking for who other than they themselves can be blamed.

Conservative talk radio and TV exemplifies the regurgitation of dogmatic “truths” being robotically/habitually spouted over and over amidst a radically altering environment. Being trapped in their backward facing broken images, they are reinventing the fallen pieces into Frankensteinian fear reflectors. This conglomerated creation seemingly projects outward their own misgivings and seeming inability in establishing a real connected life that recognizes all human beings as real and relevant people.

An incestuous political correctness of the right right, seems their holy grail pursued as their standard hallmark of abstract purity. For instance, in their imaginary, or disingenuous, world view of holding Obama to McCain’s professed “earmark” standard, the Omnibus bill just signed to keep the government open, had earmarks of 28 senators of the 35 who voted against it. Today they were proclaiming purity all over the liberal media waves, decrying Obama’s hypocrisy and lack of integrity.

It has become common place in congress to hear earmarks being bemoaned by some on the meandering right (McCain’s favorite topic it seems), that actually sound like very important local issues, but not to them. Some earmarks are quite defensible, being clearly health and scientific information obtaining programs, and not as assumed, the source of all wasteful big government ills. Yep. 28 of 35 no’s had earmarks on the bill they voted against. Principle? And all this whole earmarks steam blowup, means Obama is protecting Washington as usual, but actually comes to less than 2% of the entire bill.

Smoke and broken mirrors with hints of purifying or putrefying abstractions wafting through conservatism’s always holy intentioned air. It is what shell games ideological distractions thrive on. What smoke and mirrors allows manipulators of the “common folk” to thrive on. I cannot fathom those who believe what they are hearing on the right, yet I must remind myself some think the contrived conservative blather is truth revealed. The liberal MSM is out to get you. Trust us and only us… Critical thinking impairment extraordinaire.

“Success” is another one of these modern conservatism’s claims of ownership, which makes it a natural steerable concept for most anyone wanting to reduce their tax. Tax is being morphed into a liberal duty imposed on subjective success, instead of a duty to accountability and responsibilities to more than oneself. The brain twisting definition of my self in isolation “success”, must be kept abstract and holy. If your (or my) success exploits the environment to ruin, or uses the desperate as fuel to dump when desired, why it is all your pure accomplishment and hard working good deed. Wasn’t accomplishment to be rewarded? Government and the lazy are out to take your stuff! Can’t you see!

Detachment, abstraction, obfuscation, diversion of consciousness, crippling of critical thinking ability; all these are must be’s for conservatism to thrive. It is about lazy faith and angry sure opposition. The exact kind that had Reagan and Bush vastly grow the government while claiming to protect you from it,…and how they open up the nations Commons to plunder.

Conservatism is separation/alienation and fall guy dependent; scapegoat enabled, with projection imperative for any negative self accountability. Freedom, liberty, in concert with responsibility/accountability, these are its secret Nemesis. Conservatism will eventually defeat democracy if minds are allowed to ferment into inebriated stupor over illusions of ideological simplicity and absoluteness.  Yet insecurity can convince one of most anything, without objective attempts at truth evaluation, conservative paranoia’s could one day, if allowed the power they seek to keep, bring down democratic civilization.

Yes, conservatism hates our accountable/responsible freedoms. It proposes detached abstract impressions of freedom that can enable society to atrophy to a warlord state, more likely a corporate warlord/servant state. And all while folks are sure it is the path to averting such a fate by opposing liberalism… Follow that turnip truck of ideological certainty closely.

If your God or your philosophy finds rational peer objectivity a threat, likely what you worship is not real, being it, through you, is afraid of questions as to the fact of its existence.

Obama: Time to rein in earmarks – David Rogers –

“I am signing an imperfect omnibus bill because it is necessary for the ongoing functions …. Here is what the Omnibus Bill will cost the American family:

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liberalism n. The state or quality of being liberal. A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual.