Orographic Lift on Santa Rita Mts. and Metric Madness

–This orographic lift on Santa Rita Mts. went on to anchor several hours of showers in the area. That is a real mission from way back when in foreground.


-I’ve lived in these parts of Arizona for well over 20 years, and we’ve always had metric (mileage) around here, so I don’t know what the rest of you all are waiting for. (I-19 at least) But unlike here; when you all go European on us, make the speed signs metric as well, so foreigners will think we are actually logical and stuff.

Once the speed and distance signs match mathematically, the newcomers will not be going so slow, causing the Americans to bottle up behind them and do risky passing maneuvers on the right. But who is counting?…

Maybe John McCain could earmark an update on this?  He’s used to risky passing maneuvers on the political right.

There is hope…



Keep on trucken’