Human Being: Being One Amidst Distinction


I am thirst

in need of water

says the desire

I am not complete

emptiness threatens

with nothingness on its tail

I must drink-in or end

as waves of what is missing

strike shores of perception

dissonance colors sky

full of my light gone out

yearning commands difference

of having gained satiation

or skeletal black and white

where is or is not

is so clear

.beach at strandhill

The surface is like this

attention is like this

what I see and what I feel

is like this have or not

for being like this

I am tossed as if I were

alone on a life raft

always leaking

and not someone deep

in the Presence of Life


Being in this way

being present

or being without

both the same

yet different

one is a surface

the other

much more full

for shallower the cup

the greater risk of spillage

turmoil often defines

immediate ignorance

and its judgement

looking out

but not in

sun eclipses

Truth too

has its surface

its obvious relations

but also possesses depth

beyond persuasion of sense

a place inside everything

where nothing is outside


Being human is

being inside Being

possess our surfaces

as if they were all

all I can see

as I know

and you cannot

or seemingly must not

you know not my feelings

from what I see you do

but what do I see?

Hunger or growth?

Lack or aspiration?

A quest for completion

or a suffocating list of should?


We may argue truth

debate our comparisons

I this and you that

holding high our wet things

dripping with their evidence

both knowing the truth is

proudly on our side

but what side am I on?

how about you?
Waterfall At Rainer

(Photo: Robert Kraft)

Beneath the surface

an ever-present Universal

we are here for It

because of It

It Lives in our lives

not only for debates

from crest to valley

those real differences

convincing me of opposition

my confidence in otherness

proved beyond the surface of doubt

ways you can hurt me

Tree in fog at night

(Photo: Petr Kratochuil)

Until the truth of Life is known

as the ground beneath all things

the Love that brings up our selves

were we drink for confirmation

this most Holy Water

which defines the shore

containing the land

Its Vessel

No matter of difference

or sure lie and impostor

thirst will consume desire

until the body is cast out

of ignorance and illusion

into Love overflowing

or shell produce

oneself as food.


(Sea-gull by Anna Cervova)

One thought on “Human Being: Being One Amidst Distinction

  1. Benafia,once again you stir ones soul into an existance of the mind and soul. this was heavy with intent and wisdom. There are many layers of truth and wisdom. Some great ponderings. I must say the last stanza I find briming with an existential truth, thank you for sharing this. Truly out of the box!

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