Conservative Misanthropy


Conservative misanthropy is a not so hidden prime motivator on full display these days. It thrives on certain psychological dysfunctions that include fear of others as inducement to sameness; ideological conformity with its perceptive counterparts.

Conservatism is after all, defined against “The Other”, human beings who seem alien to the conserved group identity . Conservatism is also self validating, as pointing out conservative opposition to others in the world, or to the changing dynamic to challenges in life, validate conservative myopia; The Other is obviously against them, are a cause of stress, and so hypocritical in any alleged honorable intention. With valid positive intentions eliminated in the others, conservatives can go on to condemn, and to condemn they do.

Just my bringing this up usually gets me named a hypocrite by right wingers. That never changes, since it is an aspect of their spirituality/cosmology. Evidence from the world is ideologically contoured to circle back to abstract ideal narratives. Think of the major modern conservative proselytizers, the common theme will be contempt for objective critical thought and for not a change of mind toward inclusion, inclusion here usually described as liberalism.

Conservatism is a way of denying Life in the moment; Life, with its constant questions, new stresses and implied imperative to decide, what will I do next. Life Itself, is denied Its Presence, instead, a varying array of security blankets are sown with ideal platitude, and if only every one else just thought like us it would all be OK.

Conservatism’s inherent insecurity profile makes them highly susceptible to blame and projection, or rationalizing others as The Problem. This trick of the psyche is a means of self medication for internal contradiction. Notice the many conservative exclusionary philosophies from, religion, law, economics, you name it. It, is all about cutting up Creation to include the conservatives who are implicitly the Haves; have money or have the “real” God, or real valuses, and exclude the others who need not be considered as viable and worthwhile human beings, because they are different.


Two highly paid public conservative propagandist; Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, have let on to some intersting inner dynamics on occasion. I remember, (on the downfall of at least two major conservative programs that had long been promoted as heroic in the public eye), they each said to this effect; ‘They make me say this stuff.’ When I had heard this at different times from both of them I wondered; Then when are you saying what you would say as a human being? Who is this they that make these guys say things?

Here was obvious indication why I call them paid propagandist, and how many others are there following some sort of (they) program, I do not know. I do know they all foster fear, hate, and loathing for a list of others. This blame projection to others reveals what they are pandering to in the public; those who need target outward the burdens, or perceived burdens of their lives to convenient others as scapegoats. This reveals something big about conservative followers spiritual state of being.  Just to observe this phenomenon makes one a part of their problem.


Likely, conservative leaders, (and many of their followers) were in some manner abused; physically or emotionally early in life, and feel life is in threat of being taken from them, hence reaction empowerment. Fear, not Love, is their answer, for it seems to hold the power of control. Many conservative leaders are as ones stunted emotionally in childhood; they seem to both favor the ways of the bully, and project blame on anyone outside of their perceived identity who seems to blame them. Conservatives consider these others as themselves bullies and potential tyrants. (Why they despise the governement holding them accountable for their impacts on The Commons, or all living systems and environments, with tax.) Conservatism is expert at one thing; making others accountable for error and evil, and thus, blame.

Reality reversal occurs as explanation to one who feels they are on the side of good, while being somehow threatened; must be bad others. Perception of the outside and inside worlds becomes convoluted, resulting in much of the conservative disdain for Intellectual Elites, who somehow conspire with facts to construct threatening theory claimed as truth. Much conservatism, be it the constant socialism scarecrow, presumed secular humanist as presumed God haters, and societies ills being only of outside origin, The Others of Life are a constant threat to conservative limited paradigms of humanity inclusion.


And so most conservatism, wherever it is in the world, hides from the present moment. It hides from full Love with exclusion, and from Life with denial of inclusion. This self crippling of the authentic human spirit creates an inner contradiction, and like most contradiction; consciousness does not approve of dissimilar truths. Likely, again, someone outside the conserved group identity brings this contradiction up, and they receive the tag of blame ownership.

Conservatives then become incapable of perceiving commonality across human spectrum’s of thought and behavior, as in any fundamental way similar to their own belief in concept and action. This preserves or conserves The Otherness. To see this contempt of “otherness”, just listen to the underlying distrust of others emanating from proselytizing conservatives (Coulter, Keys, Hannity etc). You will not hear of the Universality of Life, not hear of the spiritual imperative that is the challenge to humankind; to be whole enough Love without concern for results. Simply, to Love instead of, in effect, worshiping Fear. Instead, most conservative underlying motivation will be first, and remain, Fear. Yes, even after the list of glowing platitude parade, or before it, will be the scare tactics to stimulate fear of others.

Conservative Misanthropy? It is the doubting of the self, the true self denied, while a facade of ideology is constructed to define otherness and who is worthy of Love and Life. Love kept securely in quarantine, outside our Common Heart, by denying this Life Constant.

It is likely to the detriment of our times, that conservatism continues its unrelenting pride in separation from The Whole of Life, by the nature of their own beliefs.

Just as many proud and self assured conservative Christians live in a state of denial about the message and ways of Jesus Christ, economic conservatives disdain the adaptive response of governments to changing sociological issues in society. This link below touches on the historical exclusion by an Egyptian leader of the Buddhist like message of Christ, which was removed from most Christian religious teachings to favor hierarchical mindsets and church structures 1,700 years ago. This leads to the proposition that conservatives can be conserving someone else’s distortion.