Got Yellow?

-Palo Verde in Tucson near CoffeeXChange Grant + Campbell


-A somewhat small Palo Verde. These yellow flowering trees decorate Tucson’s April. A native tree, whole hillsides can be yellow throughout the foothills. Many homes and streets in town find them near as well.


-Golden Poppies in my drive—yellow Tombstone Rose background, then mesquite branches.  Oops.  I forgot the fleabane whitish flowers in between.


March of The Flowers

Small succulents have started flowering last couple days


-Texas Mountain Laurel


-Desert Golden Poppies


-Tombstone / Lady Banks Rose


We Cannot Admit It

We Cannot Admit It

A Universe of Love?

I don’t think so..

All the struggle




Exploitation and Opportunism

Unconditional Love?

A Dream

A Joke

A Wish upon a too distant Star…


Or a wish beyond a choice;

a free for all context

a battle for existence

or is it how Existence is?

Where does the value of the self

transcend the value of the Whole

The Great One Thing?

I am but a grain of sand

in a vast universe of Being

a speck of dust

on a speck of dust

perhaps microscopic

certainly off many radars

doesn’t matter…

I Am

and I have been

that is the difference

between nothingness

and Everything…


Unconditional Love


having been at all

in any aspect

changes Everything

shares in

what Everything Is

and the unadmitted Secret;

No matter the situation

I can chose to love

irregardless of condition

a courage to admit It

there is then union

with Unconditional Love


Instead of not;

the condition


Tornado Warnings in Louisiana and North Carolina 3/27/09


Update: March 28 2009

Map below remains current. Links in Header have new info as well.

Tornadoes in Georgia

Here is a good Tornado Info Site;

NBC Weather Alerts:

Weather Alerts – NBC 15 Online

TORNADO WATCH. Issued at 9:18 AM Saturday, March 28, 2009. Expires at 5:00 PM Saturday, March 28, 2009. Areas Affected: Okaloosa, FL | Santa Rosa,


Tornado Warnings in Louisiana and North Carolina 5:30pm EDT –3/27/09

Tonight may be tornadic in areas of the South-Southeast

Here is NOAA Info that will change with time:

NWS/SPC Watch, Warning, Advisory Display
(Ten minute update. Click map for larger legacy graphic, click here for 5 min. warning summary.)
NWS/SPC Watch, Warning, Advisory Map

NWS Warnings and Advisories on this map become active links to IWIN products (below):
A new browser window will open to display these text products.

Convective/Tropical Weather Flooding Winter Weather Non-Precipitation
Tornado Watch
Tornado Warning*
Severe Thunderstorm Watch
Severe Thunderstorm Warning*
Hurricane Watch
Hurricane Warning
Tropical Storm Watch
Tropical Storm Warning
Flash Flood Watch
Flash Flood Warning*
Coastal/Flood Watch
Coastal/Flood Warning
Small Stream Flood Advisory
Blizzard Warning
Winter Storm Watch
Winter Storm Warning
Snow Advisory
Freezing Rain Advisory
Ice Storm Warning
Winter Weather Advisory
High Wind Warning or Advisory

============================================================ ============================================================ have

Tucson’s Springs of Gold—- Flowers

Seems the Palo Verde’s will be shinning this spring a little more than usual. There are at east two major kinds, these early ones that produce affluent clouds of yellow or gold, and a bit later I think the Blue Palo Verde’s bloom, still yellow but with somewhat more spaced out and perhaps larger Flowers.

These in the photo’s are just starting to get going March 26 2009—-




-More of my photo’s from Tucson Area Here

Tucson Cactus Party

Today I took some cactus photo’s, whoopee.

No really, they can be intriguing, some birds nest in these Jumping Cholla cactus. There is one in this Cholla.

Prickly Pear on sides, with Creosote bushes in area.

-Coyotes no admittance.


-Saguaro Cactus


Tornado in Magee Mississippi

March 26 2009

This mornings tornado in Magee Mississippi currently rated an EF-3 .

Widespread damage to many homes.


Update info

Miss. Tornado Outbreak Injures 29, Damages 185 Homes – Jackson

Miss. Tornado Outbreak Injures 29, Damages 185 Homes. Governor Declares State Of Emergency For 9 Counties. POSTED: 7:47 am CDT March 26, 2009

Story link to ABC news via Truveo;

17 injured after tornado rips through Mississippi

The Associated Press‎1 hour ago‎
MAGEE, Miss. (AP) — Severe weather across the South unleashed tornadoes in rural Mississippi, including one that shattered dozens of homes,

Tornado Damages 60 Homes In Simpson County – Jackson News Story

Mar 26, 2009 Video: Madison County Homes Damaged By Storm; Video: Tornado Damages 60 Homes In Simpson County; Slideshow: Storms Damage Mississippi Homes

» Video: Tornado Damage Magee Mississippi 03/26/09 Vinny’s

The mayor of a Magee Mississippi says a tornado Thursday morning has injured at least 17 people and destroyed homes and buildings. Please wait for the video

-Tornado Watch at NOAA link below just dropped –12PM EDT 3/26/09

Other weather news;

Fargo SD and Moorehead MN State of Emergency for flooding

Sandbag operations still underway.

-11 AM CDT San Antonio area under severe thunderstorm watch, with several large thunderstorms to sout and west of San Antonio.