Texas Fireball Meteor

The Texas Fireball Meteor was actually a pickup truck full of concrete falling from outer space. Read all about it. (Well they say it was kinda like one)

Texas fireball probably a meteor, not UFO

6 hours ago

That’s the description given by those who saw the fireball, saying it was reddish orange and left a trail of white smoke. Starr said it’s likely the meteor

-Run for your lives!

If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a hundred times. Just watch and see what I mean.

-Or if you like. In the story below it is described as a softball on fire falling from the sky. Angels playing softball? Oh wait. Would that then be the fallen angels? Is hell up there too?

Why I remember when thunder was called Angels bowling. And on occasion Angels moving furniture.


I’m glad the last rock has fallen from the near infinite amount of rocks up there.

That is confidence