Code is Poetry?


WordPress claims that Code is Poetry. What the?

<>Uh<.,.////.,/., >><<blah>><<

When I heard them at Wordbend say code is poetry, I agreed. Morse Code did seem like a poetry of clicks, spaces, dashes, and all a secret except to the in crowd with the right ears. But that was not it.

Well? What Code then? Code words, secret code? Code is Poetry What?

The answer seems to be geek-speak; the techno myopia of the digital in crowd’s meaning of a thing.

How was I supposed to know that’s the Code they were taking about? I’m in the out crowd. Seems like a lot of assumption that the rest of the definitions of Code do not exist or are irrelevant. Those who “know” know what they mean. It is up to you, the random generated public, to get it right.

Oh? You mean like Poetry?


Then Hello. Code is poetry!




No I do not know that Code

Over and out…

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